Emily Browning as Harley Quinn?

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Alright, sadly, we probably never will get a movie featuring everyone's fav henchwoman Harley Quinn. But if we did...The main person I;d want to play her would be Emily Browning. If you've seen Sucker Punch, she DEFINITLEY looks like her, and se's a fine, young actress at that. We'd probably have to wait a few years seeing as she's too young to play her now, but when she got old enough, do you think she could get the job done?

#2 Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 (6708 posts) - - Show Bio

Oops, accidentaly posted this topic twice. My bad guys!

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Pretty good casting choice.

I mean, people foirget to cast many guys, Emily Browning can be castes as her or Raven.

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I saw her in the movie. She resembles her in a lot of ways but the only way she can sell it to me if she can sell Harley's ridiculously awesome accent.

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That is a good choice for the role.

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Not a bad choice, but I dunno if I'd pick her. She doesn't have the eyes for it... Harley needs big, innocent eyes, to make her all the scarier when she bashes your head in with a mallet.

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Shoot, it's too bad that Fairuza Balk and Daryl Hannah are too old now...

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http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005261/ This would be a perhect Harley Quinn, if she'd be alive.

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I don't know if she could pull off Harley's personality but she could definitely pull off the look. I've only seen her in two films (Sucker Punch & Sleeping Beauty) her character was similar in both.

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<3 Brittany Murphy. She was my Harley Quinn.

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Emily is a fantastic choice, she could def pull it off. Other possible actresses would be great for the role are Kristen Bell and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Zooey Deschanel - Harley Quinn

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