DC are idiots, should've been Harley

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#51 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23390 posts) - - Show Bio

@queenfrost_ said:

This thread is so ignorant

Name five threads on CV that aren't.

The way of the world.

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@dementedtheclown said:

I'm still kinda pissed they had to go and make Green Lantern gay, just to compete with Marvels gay wedding.

What a slap in the face to fans, and the creators of the character.

Anyone who believes it's okay to change a well known characters sex, race, sexual preference, or personality is an idiot. Even eye / hair color should be left alone.

Moving on

Why didn't they just make Harley Bi? and Ivy gay (if she isnt widely accepted as such already)

Makes more sense, and would open up Harley to having better Harley/Ivy stories via Thelma & Louise, and this could've prevented the disaster that is new 52 Harley.Cause like New Coke, New Harley just doesn't taste as it should.

I don't know why writers always had such a hard time writing Harley, she was connected to two of DC's most famous villains.

She's gotten closer to Joker then anyone ever has, and there could've been a whole arch of her seeing the Joker no one else sees.Seeing deeper into the Joker, she may play dumb, but she really just uses her ditsyness to her own advantage.

Hell then while Jokers off d*cking around, leaving Harley as he often does she could've developed feeling for Ivy, then you get a love triangle.

Harley would always return to Joker, cause she likes the abuse, Ivy would get pissed more and more, but she understands Harley.

That alone could've made a lot of interesting stories for her. Hell she could've even ended up retiring and finally writing her tell-all book about the Joker,

probably pissing the Joker off enough to mess her sh*t up, and kill her, prompting bad blood between Joker and Ivy, starting some kind of war between them.

Just the lazy writers have to take easy ways out and ruin characters, while calling it "creative changes" and "character evolution"

I call it if you cant write Harley dont try. Not remake her into a clone of Joker... cause anyone can write Joker who has Multiple Personality Disorder.

Because Harley loves Joker

Because Ivy would never marry anyone, even who she loves

Because Ivy is at most BI, if not straight

Because Ivy and Harley haven't so much as teamed up in forever

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@queenfrost_ said:

This thread is so ignorant

Name five threads on CV that aren't.

The way of the world.

not so much ignorant as stupid and hateful.

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Ivy's sexuality is not black and white,Harley? she a relief character who fluctuates on the whims of the writer.

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