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SPOILERZ FOR SUICIDE SQUAD #8 ZOMG -- Harley's alive by page 2, making this the shortest SS death to date. Says something about her durability/healing as she got blasted right through the spine and fell into a pool of her own blood, but yeah. I guess DC's not letting go of her so easily. You think sales would have plummeted if she was actually gone, enough for Glass to bring her back instantaneously after her apparent death?

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No way she was going to die. Harley (and Deadshot) are too important to the success of the series to die.

Feels nice to say that about Harley after the way her character was handled in Gotham City Sirens.

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I know, right? ^_^ I was thinking the same thing. After so long of being a misused second-stringer she is now important to the longevity and success of a team-oriented book. It's exciting and fills me with a childlike glee. I'm also happy about how much better it's getting after it's first weak issues.

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Yo, where all mah harlequinites at?

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Cool. Ive been debating on whether or not to pick up this series. I'm glad that Harley is still alive

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: It started off a little slow but it's been picking up, getting really good.

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Spoilers jeez I haven't picked up the series I was gonna get the trade :( well at least I know that Harley will be ok. Also I was a big fan of post 52 Harley will I be a fan of this version?

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@Blood1991: You were warned. D:

As for your question -- maybe?

You'll either:

A. Like her just fine, realizing that she's different and accepting her.

B. Hate her at first but then realize that change can be good and that she's really okay, or

C. Hate her forever.

The most common seems to be B.

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@Joygirl: I'm going to admit that I hate the costume, but I'll hopefully come to love her all the same. Time will tel :)

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I have a question Joygirl...You think she'll ever get back with the Joker even though she's in Suicide Squad?

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I'm not actually sure. She usually ends up back with him, but Glass seems determined enough to keep them apart. Though, when another writer gets hold I'm sure they'll just go "aaaaand she's back with Joker!" Though he does have White Rabbit now....

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that's gonna suck gorrilas*** through a straw if that actually happens....Even if you don't like the idea of a "Deadpool/Harley" romance, do you agree a teamup would be sweet?

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@Joygirl: I really hope that the next writer does not pull a Calloway and put her back to the same one-note and meaningless stance of being the Joker's girlfriend. I mean I guess that there are people that like them together but to me, I don't care to see a drama that will never have resolution every time I see Harley with the Joker and I will not care to see her in comics anymore if every time she claims to want to change herself, she goes right back where she started. I've personally had enough of that in BTAS.

Sure the thought of someone who you devoted yourself to wholeheartedly treats you like shit is funny but it gets stale and it stops being funny when it's continuously done over and over again. It's almost the same with seeing Meg Griffin on Family Guy getting treated like shit from not just everyone in Family Guy, even the creator.

In the case of Harley, it doesn't matter if she's crazy or if she's a villain, her relationship with the Joker is sending the wrong message to those that don't truly understand abuse or domestic violence. I've seen a lot of people who heavily advocate this pairing go as far as to sugarcoat or minimize the abuse all for the sake of being the bigger fan of Harley Quinn. I've seen people trying to intentionally blur the facts and claim that their views are supported through reliable sources only to find that it holds no real water when the panels, scenes, and quotes are usually cut off from the bigger scenario in the sources.

Needless to say, I hope Suicide Squad continues the good run it has and that Adam Glass honestly continues to give the character the respect she deserves because from what I've seen throughout this entire 52 drama, nobody, not even her biggest "fans", will give Harley love like Glass will.

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Something I think is funny is that people dislike SS because of Harley's outfit and blame Glass, but it was totally Jim Lee who did that.

But yeah, I think SS is going really well. I think I heard Glass mention that she's "done with the Joker for good" but we'll see. I'm afraid but I have hope, she's being treated as a strong, standalone character and finally showing that she can be a solid front for a team.

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as long as they stay true to the character...

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