Batman Villains in the New 52: Harley Quinn

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Batman Villains in the New 52: Harley Quinn

I'm gonna talk about a fan-favourite who's reputation has been destroyed by the New 52, Harley Quinn. I hope you leave comments and agree and disagree on my views and rating. Next time I'm gonna do Scarecrow. Enjoy!


Harley's new look

Harley Quinn

Harley used to be the Joker's smitten assistant who had become a fan favourite after her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. Sadly the New 52 have turned her into a slutty psycho working with Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. I know I'm in the minority here but I do like the more crazy Harley, yet the only storyline where I've seen the old Harley was in 'The Hunt for Harley Quinn' where she wanted vengeance for the 'death' of the Joker. Even though she completely betrayed the team for some reason she is till on the team, why?. Anyway it seems she will be staying on the team for quite a while but that might change in issue 14 where Joker interrupts a funeral for Deadshot and that issue is a tie in with the 'Death of The Family' so Harley may be returning to the Batman titles.

Harley and the other members of the squad

Her costume has changed drastically since her first costume which has been around for twenty years. The new one is not a jester outfit it is more of corset and very small mini shorts, she also has one side of her hair bleached red and the other black. I hate that her skin is now permanently white and the the cause of her insanity is thanks to being dropped into a vat of chemicals, the same one as the Joker. I hope she leaves the squad soon because it's destroying both Harley and her reputation, I wish DC would stop placing her in groups and let her back together with the Joker instead of teaming up with the Sirens, Secret Six and now the Suicide Squad.

In verdict, I'm not at all happy with her being placed in the Suicide Squad and I hate her new heavily slutty personality and why did she make out with Deadshot, I thought she only had eyes for Joker! Even though I hate so much about her rebooted version I'm still reading Suicide Squad. Anyway I ain't happy about Harley and she better be joining her 'puddin' soon.

Reboot Rating: D-

Recommended Reading: Suicide Squad: The Hunt for Harley Quinn (Issues #6- #8)

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I'm not a big fan of Glass' Harley either. I like that he toughened her up and that she's not just a big joke to him. But that's pretty much where my praise for him ends. The new origin had some aspects that I liked but I would have preferred it had not ended with her being thrown in the vat of chemicals. Mad Love made for such a perfect origin story and I would've preferred Glass had expanded upon that rather than change it so much.

It's doubtful that Harley will be leaving Suicide Squad anytime soon (she and Deadshot are the most popular members of the team) but whenever she does I am hoping that the next writer to tackle her will find a way to blend some of her more desirable pre-Flashpoint traits with some of her post-Flashpoint traits (namely her being more intelligent and more of a treat).

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@SupBatz: I completely agree, why couldn't he just expand on Mad Love, which is one of the best origin stories ever. But I do think the 'Death of the Family' tie in will affect Harley's continued membership with the team.

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@russia599: Definitely a great origin story. I was pretty down on the fact that Glass didn't have Joker lie to Harley about an abusive father or something to that effect. I didn't expect him to regurgitate the same origin that Dini made but I wish he had remained more true to form at the very least.

I guess that is possible but I'm afraid that "Death of the Family" will be another "Joker coming to kill Harley for questionable to no reason" kind of story which will result in Harley swearing him off and remaining a member of the Suicide Squad. I'm hoping for something different than that but it's really the only possibility I can foresee.

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I've pretty much said everything I have to say about New Harley in other threads... but while I try to excuse her, continued reading has laid my final verdict at "this book sucks and Glass is doing his best to ruin her". She really needs to be handed over to someone competent and with a sense of character personality. Glass's idea of giving a character character is having them say "this is what I'm like! See?" Harley needs someone with more finesse in order to delve into the subtleties of her character.

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@SupBatz: I really hope that "Death of the Family" doesn't end up like that, yet I desperately I really want Harley to leave the squad, but I suppose Glass will hold on to her to make sure his series doesn't get cancelled:( Too bad

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Old Harley was charming, funny, sympathetically pathetic, interesting, and unique. New Harley is just crazy-bonkers, into the old ultra-violence, "sexy" to exclusion of any possible charm, and totally unoriginal. A damn shame. If they wanted her to show more skin and be more violent, they could have done that without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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@Joygirl: You r so right Glass should just leave Harley alone and let another writer take her back into the main Batman franchise!

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I'd like to see her with another solo series. Have it be darker than the other but still funny and crazy, from a writer who understands the character. I will drop SS like a hot rock the second she leaves the team and never look back.

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I concur with you, what they did to Harley... is horrid. I like the old Harley more.

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This Harley is better than the lucidly-evil, mostly-sane, kunai-wielding potion-junkie from the second part of her solo series.

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