Anybody know this?

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I can tell it's from The Joker graphic novel but what was the context of this scene?

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no idea
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it's from Joker
Harley doesn't speak in the whole book but it is really good
EDIT: sorry, you already established this. Well, Joker just got released from Arkham and he is pretty much just all over the place with emotions, showing how crazy he is. it's been a while since I read it.

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It's a really good book and the Joker is shown as more human than in any other comic. Harley is also really cool in this, she doesn't say a word but she takes out dozens of people and is shown for what she really is, a henchmen/ creepy romantic interest. It's a great book even though Batman is hardly in it and I would get it if you are a Joker fan.
EDIT: sorry forgot about the question too. :P Anyway, the Joker just got stood up by Two-Face was angry and blew up a bar that he owns. He is then seen crying into Harley's stomach a couple of pages later. I think the reason for this was because he was sad that things were not going as planned and he didn't want anyone to destroy what he had, so he did it himself.

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I've never seen Harley smoke before. The plot points mentioned above don't reconcile with what I remember reading, I'll have another go at the book later today.

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o man i want this then

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