fenderxx's Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego #1 review

Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con!

Harley Quinn goes to Comic-Con! This book has been a surprise hit and if you read our Top Comic Sales article this month then you already know that Harley has one of the top selling books in comics right now. This is not the main story, but rather a one-shot from the writers and Various artists to celebrate Comic-Con.

The story is simple and rather sweet. Harley wants to go to Comic-Con to show her art work to a DC editor and become rich and famous. At first one would think that this is a silly idea, but then you realize that a lot of people do this. Before comic conventions were big, they were just writers, artists, and publishers getting together like a business retreat. So many classic books started by a writer walking up to an artist at a convention and saying "you want to draw may book?". Now of course that does not happen anymore and conventions are a whole other monster, but that is the best part of this; its one big inside joke! If you are not familiar with the comics industry, editors, and artists at DC, then this book will make no sense. That makes this book a very fun read for me, however not so much if a first time reader chooses this book because they like the character from the cartoons.

This is an over sized issue with 38 pages, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. The only down side is there is a different artist on each page. I know why it's done, and I do like seeing different art styles, but it always takes me out of the book, because I have to look at the art first. Of course I also like some more than others and can't help but compare them since there side by side. It is a one-off story just for fun, so it's hard take the book super seriously and nitpick. I did enjoy the comic that Harley wrote called Up-Chuck Girl! Yes, it's a girl who has the power to throw up when she hears stupid stuff, which is perfect because she's a high school teacher! I can't help it, I laughed.

The best part I have to say is seeing all the inside jokes and DC editors on the page. Harley gets mad at Jim Lee as he inspects her work... and like everything else he does, Jim takes forever. Jeff Johns gets to hide from Harley by dressing up in cosplay. There are tons of these little winks and nods which make this book so fun. I will say though, there was a very sweet and serious moment for me. May be no one else with think of it this way, but there is a crowd of people all trying to meet the actor from the show Arrow. Harley rushes up stage and to Arrow's surprise passes him by to run over to two older gentlemen with only 2-3 people in their line to meet them. Those two are Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, writers and producers' on Batman: The Animated Series, and creators of Harley Quinn. Harley gets their autographs and proudly runs off saying very simply "Best Convention Ever!"

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