super_man_23's Harley Quinn #4 - Very Old Spice review

Just a simple misunderstanding.

Harley Quinn has a crazy lifestyle, but that's all gonna change with her new job as a therapist!

The Good

As opposed to prior Harley Quinn issues, this one is probably the best so far. Writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti did a great job at just having fun with this issue. Yes, they've been having fun since the beginning of this series, but this one feels a bit more well grounded with the story arc. We know that HQ has a bounty on her head, though we don't know why, this story does have small connections to the overall story -- but for the most part this story shows us how a simple misunderstanding can lead to an exciting adventure!

The story was fast paced and cleverly written; as it kept me engaged even though some plot points were glossed over easily. There was a Star Wars homage in this issue, which was pretty great. More specifically the scene between Han and Greedo in episode IV. Being a Star Wars fan I find that a + for this comic as how the writers worked that into this issue!

The artwork by Stephanie Roux was nice! I really liked her art on this issue and am looking forward to more from her on this series.

The Bad

There isn't anything significant to complain about, except for the unexplained circumstances of Harley Quinn getting a clean slate on her criminal record -- and how easily that was glossed over. However, other than that, this is probably the best issue so far.

The Verdict

If you want something light to read, this is the series for you! However, if you are expecting a certain level of story depth and character development, you might look to other New 52 story lines. Overall 5 out of 5.

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