super_man_23's Harley Quinn #1 - Hot in the City review

Wait, why does Harley have an apartment? Isn't she, I dunno, a CRIMINAL! Harley Quinn #1 Review

The dynamic duo, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, are BACK! This time with an ongoing Harley Quinn series.


Conner and Palmiotti are back on a series together! That there in itself is good news for fans of the dynamic artist and writer duo. If you loved Pre-New 52's Power Girl series, then you should at least give one issue of this series a try. But....

....There isn't much good to this issue.

However, I did enjoy small aspects of good in this first issue I read. First of all, it's good to see Harley in a brand new surrounding that isn't related to Gotham City. With so many Bat-related heroes and villains, it can seem like Batman is sharing Gotham with a bunch of people and it no longer being his own personal playground. Granted, not all of them actually are in Gotham, but someway or another they have roots there. So placing Harley in Coney Island with a new supporting cast is a great change of pace.

The story is ok.

There was a small chunk of action in this issue, but it felt natural and not mismatched. There wasn't any pacing problems either. In terms of story, Palmiotti got from point A to point B in no time. However, what really made me lose focus from the story, is all my questions (more in the bad portion of this review). So aside from that, I could comprehend a basic understanding of what was happening and create my own assumptions as to what is going on.

Basically, Harley Quinn wants to start her own life away from all the Joker craziness. However, that is only a personal assumption.

The artwork is great by Amanda Conner. She did a great job doing the art, and the combined efforts of the color (by Alex Sinclair), it created a nice and visual world. It takes sometime to get used to, however in the end you won't really have any major complaints about the art.


I don't understand why you are surprised at this fact Harley. Two words: CRIMINAL RECORD.

I don't understand everything that is happening.

I've got the basics down though -- Harley' is moving to Coney Island after some Asylum person died and left her a new place to live. However, other than that I don't know what really is going on. Maybe it's because I didn't read issue 0, but for a new series like this, there should be references to that particular issue or giving the reader obvious hints of previous story elements (i.e. "READ PREVIOUS ISSUE" like comments). I shouldn't be second guessing everything in this issue solely because I have little to no information on this title.

Another problem is "why is Harley Quinn even allowed to get a job/apartment?" She has a criminal record. She even says in this comic that she has worked with the Joker. I feel this is really confusing as I really don't have any idea what is going on in this comic. I must have to read issue 0, it'd probably clear this up. But again, I shouldn't have to go back one issue just to get the gist of why Harley is doing all these things. Especially in a brand new series.

Also, a minor problem, Amanda Conner's artwork looks different. Granted, artist change their style over the years, however I think it's the color that throws me all off. It doesn't look the same, but by the end of the issue I had gotten used to it.


I have mixed feelings with this series. I loved Palmiotti and Conner's work on Power Girl, but with so many questions, I don't know if this series will top Pre-New 52 era's "Power Girl" title. However, moving past all this it's an ok issue with some potential. It has a good amount of action, a story that isn't completely believable, and of course Palmiotti and Conner working together again on a series. Overall 2 out of 5.


(?, more than likely issue 0 of this series. Probably)


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