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We'll See

I give every new title three issues before I make the decision whether to pull or not to pull. "Picky Sicky" left me on the fence. As a satirical story removed from continuity, I enjoyed Harley's well-written quest to find a new artist (that she's not looking for a new writer seems appropriate for a character, who, since becoming part of the New 52, has appealed to superficial desires). It was fun. However, I also felt a little bit of dread. Is this metafictional erosion of the fourth wall, a la Deadpool and She-Hulk, going to be the direction for her new book? I hope not. I want original--not derivative--Harley stories. This story paid homage to Harley's evolution from Batman: The Animated Series to the present, which gave me a new appreciation for the New 52 version, nonetheless, corset-wearing turboslut Harley is still there, and this book has miles to go to scourge that image from my mind and re-establish Harley as the true "Clown Princess of Crime." Two more issues. Two more before I make the decision to fully commit to this book as a fan. This book IS moving fast, so to make that informed decision for yourself, I'd recommend grabbing a copy as soon as you can.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

No, I don`t think it will be. After all, the writers promised, right? Writers always keep their promises, right? So, I guess that "we`ll see", is a pretty fitting sentence to use.

Maybe you shoulda wrote more to this review. But then again, if one goes looking for reviews from other sites b`sides CV, there`s no need for you to do so. But anyhow, a good one.

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