doomdoomdoom's Harlan Ellison's 7 Against Chaos #1 - HC review

The Whole is Less than the Sum of its Parts

This book has everything, unique characters, good art, and an interesting story. Yet somehow it failed to make me care about any of it. The art by Chadwick and the characters in this book were what made this a two stars review rather than one.

Starting off, each of the "7" get a couple pages of basic exposition (where they're from, what makes them unique, why they're outcast) and while this was my favorite part of the book it is handled in quite a formulaic manner. I found the majority of characters interesting and after trudging through the rather long(half of the book) character introductions , I must say I was excited to finally see the 7 get started on their adventure as a team. This was the only glimpse of excitement I had while I read 7 Against Chaos. While I found each of the characters interesting on their own as soon as they are grouped together things started to really fall apart for me. The dialogue between characters is bland, the tension between most of them is predictable. Once the plot of the story is actually somewhat revealed the story degrades to 7 characters hitting plot points in order to end a story.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend 7 Against Chaos, unless your a huge fan of Ellison or a masochist...which reminds me...

Dear Mr. Ellison, please do not mail me a dead gopher.

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

Finally, the review! Well worth the wait.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Ellison has had his moments IMO. This must not have been one of them.

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