Hardware is nothing like Steel or War Machine

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Hardware's first storyline is essentially the theme of the character: Angry Black Man!!!! His origin isn't "Thank you kind flying white man for saving my life. Now, I will build armor in your memory", or "My friend is drunk! Gasp! I must don one of his suits at once......but with a twist!!!! (or in this case a gun)". His origin is "I've been basically adopted by a supposed bleeding heart liberal Bill Gates type who is really a conniving s.o.b. with ties and controls to just about everything. I make his weapons and don't get crap. Time for some angry negro-style revenge!!!!" If I was writing a Hardware title or backup, it would be Django with superheroes. Seriously. The only thing is, when Edwin Alva realizes that his employee is Hardware, he tries to hire him as a mascot! I would have Hardware promise revenge for others who have been wronged by Alva through the years, only to "sellout" and become a mascot. How does a hero handle going against his own morals and livelihood, just so that his boss won't hunt him down and kill him?

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