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Loki, on the Godwheel, searches for the Infinity Gems and finds that some of them have landed in the Ultraverse. Hardcase, accused of killing Trouble, is questioned by police and then released since there is no evidence to incriminate him. Hardcase travels to the desert to think in meditation when he sees a meteor crash. He goes to investigate but it's actually the Time Gem. He places it on his head and immediately knows how to use it. He goes in the past to the last battle of the Squad, his former teammates, and tries to change fate. He travels back and follows where NM-E came from, so he could track Rex Mundi. When that proves fruitless, he helps the Squad defeat NM-E and travels back to his normal time. Expecting to find the Squad still alive, he is surprised when he finds that they still died due to another plan of Rex Mundi. He also finds out that due to the changes he caused, there is a different woman known as Choice working for the Choice Corporation. Loki suddenly arrives, demanding the Time Gem and telling Hardcase that he can cancel all of Hardcase's tampering with the time stream so that he can go back to his normal existence. Hardcase gives Loki the Time Gem but Loki tricks him, disappearing with the Gem.

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