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Different people are reacting to Hardcase's disappearance. Turf vows vengeance against Hardcase, who was recently apprehended by him. The Omega Team try to pick up the pieces as mercenary killers after having faced several defeats against Hardcase. MEanwhile, Hardcase finds himself on the Godwheel where he fights for Ogma, a sentient computer program. Hardcase demands to be taken to Choice, who he hasn't seen in quite some time. Ogma sends him to Choice for a limited time. They reunite and she informs him that she is pregnant. They discuss their different missions before Hardcase is teleported away by Ogma. Hardcase eventually arrives at him home to find it demolished from his fights against Hardwire and NM-E. Everyone begins to take notice that Hardcase is back in a new outfit. Trouble of the Omega Team takes particular notice, wanting revenge.

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