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Current events

Harbinger in Multiversity

Harbinger manifested again as the AI of Monitor's Satellite (aka the Multiversity), a badly damaged construction. If this is the same one from the original Monitor and if this Harbinger AI have some relationship with Lyla Michaels, form the original Crisis, is a mystery still to be solved.



A a child, Lyla was found clinging to floating wreckage in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by the Monitor, who was scanning the Earth, preparing to defend this universe against the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths. The young girl was rescued by the Monitor and brought to his secretive satellite.

The Monitor raised and trained Lyla as his assistants and the Earth-born child spent the next twenty years aboard the satellite, moving throughout this universe and others – past, present, and the far distance future.

During her years of travel Lyla learned that she would assist the Monitor by bringing to him certain super-powered warriors who would aid him in his final battle against the ultimate evil called the Anti-Monitor.

To do this, Lyla would enter a special chamber that would give her great powers the greatest of which would be to replicate herself as many times as needed. Lyla's original body would remain within the Monitor machine and the duplicates would collectively call themselves Harbinger.

Lyla´s Death

After the Crisis and the Monitor's death, Harbinger played a major part in the Millennium event and was a member of the now-defunct New Guardians. Sometime later Harbinger was asked by the Amazons to be their official historian. During this time she met and befriended Supergirl.

Sadly it appears that Harbinger was killed by the Female Furies when Darkseid ordered animates of Doomsday to attack the shores of Themyscira.

Black Lantern

Harbinger recently appeared in the Blackest Night issues of R.E.B.E.L.S. As Vril-Dox and his crew attempt to flee from Stealth, his previous lover turned Black Lantern, he enters hyper space, and lands in the middle of a large group of Sinestro recruits being killed by Harbinger. Lyla expresses her disgust over most of the members, noting key things in their pasts, then killing them while they're in shock. As Lyla kills the recruits, a Sinestro Corps ring attaches to Vril-Dox's finger, turning him into a member of the Sinestro Corps. Stealth then catches up, and helps Harbinger attempt to kill Dox. Dox regroups with his team on a nearby planet. A portal suddenly opens, and Starro (in control of a host), Lyrl Dox and numerous Starro soldiers turned Black Lantern come out. Vril-Dox joins with Adam Strange to try and imitate the White Light to destroy the Lanterns, Only to fail. Vril realizes his son has come to betray him and has joined forces with Starro. Vril then opens a portal and sends Starro and The Black Lanterns back to Starro's base, galaxies away. He then disowns his son, and sends him through the portal, leaving them to deal with their own problems.


  • Height: 5'5”
  • Weight: 106lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Blonde


Lyla Powers

In her ordinary human form, Lyla possesses no special meta-human power, but as Harbinger, Lyla is a powerhouse matched only by a few.

She can split into a many replicates as necessary (which she was able to do without the aid of the Monitor's machine after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths), although as the number grows, each becomes weaker. Still, Harbinger can fly, fire energy bolts from her hands, resist almost any weapon and has more than average strength. However, since these abilities have been given to Lyla rather than being naturally possessed by her, Harbinger can use her power for only a very short period of time before she must rest and wait to be recharged.

Harbinger also possessed the History of the Universe orb, a record of every heroic event.

Other Media


Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Harbinger and Kara in Superman /Batman

Harbinger appeared in the 2010 animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Harbinger, or Lyla as she is referred to in the film, had a more supporting role in the movie than a main one. The film mainly revolves around Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El. Lyla is known to have a wider understanding of the Multiverse, and after an event, she received an invitation from Themyscira to become their resident historian, to which she accepted.

Lyla began to have visions of Kara in danger so, after reporting this to Wonder Woman, they decided it would be wise to bring her to the island. Lyla and Wonder Woman went to Metropolis to find Kara but ran into Superman; Superman defeated Lyla in battle but her intentions are carried through and Kara is brought to the island. After two months of living on the island with Kara, the two became very close friends. Unfortunately, when alone with Kara, they was ambushed by the Female Furies and Lyla died in battle protecting her friend.



Lyla Michaels in Arrow

Lyla Michaels appears on the CW show Arrow played by Audrey Anderson. She is depicted as a member of ARGUS and the ex-wife of John Diggle who helps him track down Deadshot. She uses the code name "Harbinger" during missions and serves as the field head of the Task Force X (Suicide Squad) in addition to helping the Arrow Team during the Deathstroke riots in Starling City

The two rekindle their affections for one another as the series progresses, eventually having a baby daughter named Sara (After Sara Lance). They remarry during the third season. On her wedding day she is contacted by Amanda Waller to go on a mission with the Task Force X (Cupid and Deadshot at that time), John goes with them. After a failed mission that nearly kills her and Diggle, Lyla decides to resign from A.R.G.U.S., not wanting her daughter to end up an orphan due to the dangers of her parents jobs.

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