Harbinger #8

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The Good

YOOO BRO! Peter Stanchek's journey to recruit more psiots leads him to Torque. He's a tacky dude that loves The Jersey Shore. Basically, you should him hate, but somehow writer Joshua Dysart turns that buffoon into a lovable character and throws in one hell of an emotional twist. Halfway through the issue there was a moment that quite literally made me cheer out loud for Torque (aka The Condition, bro).

This team of powerhouse renegades brings such drastically different personalities to the table. Some are polar opposites, but the interactions between them are hilarious and feel natural ("I wish you liked me more. 'Cause I sure as hell like you!"). Faith... whoops! I mean Zephyr, has held my number one spot from the beginning, but Torque has so much potential. The way the character is introduced is brilliant. He doesn't feel like just another comic book character. He's fleshed out in a manner that makes him feel real (despite how much I loathe his interests) and I look forward to seeing Dysart continue to develop him.

Lee Garbett steps in to feed our eyes with art and does a more than able job. The real treat is the brief scene between Harada and Livewire. They enter Harada's mind and the sky's the limit when it comes to his ways of tormenting her. Luckily, Garbett sells the scene well and you can fully understand why Livewire's in a fetal position when all is said and done. Also, there's a particular moment of joy for Torque that brought a smile to my face. His happiness is contagious when you see the expression on his face and understand what he's been through.

The Bad

The only thing that stood out to me was the way New Orleans was illustrated through the restaurant's windows. The style was totally different and because of that I thought it was jarring, especially when placed directly next to walls with no detail.

The Verdict

HARBINGER is all a book that'll make you care about its diverse cast. After all, what's the point of these awesome powers and violence if there's no emotional weight behind it? Even if your heart is made of ice, I'd be willing to bet characters like Faith will win you over. It's because of this that I ran through a gauntlet of emotions during this reading session. I'm legitimately concerned over one character with this cliffhanger, laughed out loud with Torque's dialogue, and felt so much bliss when Torque brought his abilities into the real world. HARBINGER is one of those rare books that creates a world that feels real, pulls you in and refuses to let go. With HARBINGER WARS so close, I'm happy to be a part of this crazy, emotional and deep fictional world.

Plus, this issue has Kardashian Mermaids. Need I say more to grab your interest? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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