cavemold's Harbinger #7 - Renegades: Part 2 review

Let it Burn Baby

The Good : Joshua Dysart has me sold on this book , another valiant hit! Some really cool characters and some massive FLAMES. Flamingo is more than a stripper as this issue shows. Tony Harada is one bad bad man. Remind me not to get on his bad side.. Also Faith may have the coolest design ever. This issue was a recurtiment issue that has wanting more!!!! Awesome scenes here, can they make this into a movie already??? Great cover as well , if you collect this whole arch its becomes one awesome picture. There was a mention of HARBINGER WARS, I cant wait to see more of that.

The bad: The pencils and art were great, the dialogue was great. so nothing bad here.

The verdict ANOTHER Valaint book worth checking out. There is a $10 trade of the first arch, im getting it , you should to.So yea, Valiant is my favorite publisher. Only after couple months. BAZINGA!

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