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Seriously, what the fudge is going on?

I am a huge Harbinger and Bloodshot fan and I love what Valiant has been doing. I remember the Valiant titles from before but I was so young I pretty much could only look at the pictures but I remember Hard C.O.R.P.S., Bloodshot, X-O and Solar. Seeing the Valiant characters was a blast from the past and I'm glad I can read now because these Valiant titles are great. Harbinger has been a standout in my opinion, I love the characters their personalities are so unique especially their depth and layers. Each character has such a distinct personality that causes you to really care about them and dread the thought of them leaving. Faith: so perky and sweet, Kris: brave, smart and witty, Torque: seeing the world for the first, trying to be the "big man," Peter: recovering addict, oft to serious leader with a chip on his shoulder, Charlene: ditzy, always friendly small town girl with a rough life. The characters are what makes Harbinger great, not their powers and big battles.


It is great to see our merry band of Renegades finally relaxing and acting like normal teens...with superpowers. There is a lot of comedy in this issue which is always good. The laughs also allowed us to get more insight into several characters. Throughout we witness how Kris is such a smart ass because she's smart still coping with new life and what the group has gone through but Torque and Charlene really show us who they are. Charlene is such a free spirit and has a love for life and Torque is finally getting to experience life but has a very skewed and limited view which makes him so fun. Faith may always be upbeat and positive but she still has little self esteem and it's cute to see her leave her comfort zone when she asks Peter to go flying with her, he is also showing a rarely seen side of himself to which he is enjoying life. There are a lot of great scenes in this book which I would go into detail about but the longer the review the sooner you lose interest. It was a surprise to the pairings in this issue. Kris use to talk down to Charlene but now they've become great friends and become quite close (wink, wink) their adventure is great, the budding romance between Faith and Peter is adorable and great for more than one reason and Torque...hilarity.

Oh, the story...almost forgot! Honestly, this is great point for new readers to jump on but you should ashamed if you have not read from the beginning. Trust me you want to read the whole run. There is quite a story forming. It was a little hard to comprehend what was happening but there seems to be trouble on the horizon, big trouble. Whatever is happening is really going to take it's toll and according to the final page not everyone will survive. The scene with Kris and Torque was touching and emotional but the looming sense of dread was chilling. Usually I love twists but wow not expecting that. Seriously, what the fudge is going on?

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