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In 1480, Harbin confronted a group of Slav raiders that had come to pillage his town. He managed to kill most and drive off the rest. While hurt during the melee, he survived and promised a fellow townperson, Maria, that he would always defend them. In 1489, Zemo, now a Baron (the first of his bloodline to receive that title), made his way through Zeulniz, much to the adoration of the townfolk. When Maria clumsily bumped into him accidentally, spilling some soup on him, Zemo went berserk and thrust his sword through her, killing her. He then demanded the rest of the crowd to treat him like the hero he is, and walked off. Thus began the long line of Zemos. Harbin layed rule to his empire for many years and had one son, Hademar who was more interested in politics than battles. Harbin ruled with an iron fist and will but Hademar advised him for many years until Harbin died in his sleep from age.    

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