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happy when he was born
Happy was hatched from an egg found by Natsu and Lisanna. Upon hatching he became very close friends to Natsu and can be considered his sidekick. Though his discovery is mysterious, his true origins were never discovered until the recent Edloas arc. Happy was sent as a Spy for Natsu and evetnually bring him to the alternate world of Edolas so that they will be able to extract Natsu's magical powers. 
Happy was unknowing of his true objective and refused to do so. When he and another Cat Charle returned to Edolas he was treated as a hero and discovered that his race was regarded as Royalty in the alternate reality. He and Charle eventually escaped his homeland
Happy's parents
only to run into his parents though they didnt mention it at the time. He then proceeded to free his friends and put a stop to the humans plans. 

Powers and Abilities


 Happy has the power of Aera which allows him to fly. He sprouts angelic like wings and is able to fly at great speeds and
Happy using wings magic
distances. The only drawback to his power is that he is only able to handle one passenger at a time when flying. Like other mages, Happy's Aera magic cant last forever and it runs out eventually. This can happen from using it for long periods of times or from repeated back to back use.  


 Happy doesn't posses the physical stamina or agility as his companions or other guild members but he makes up for it with his compassion. Even though he may not be able to overpower a foe he is quick to help his allies turn the tables in their tide. He is also the only known way of transportation that doesn't make Natsu sick.  He also has an extensive knowledge of the land and its inhabitants. Able to give out and decipher information to Natsu, Lucy, and other members of the guild
Happy taking on the duke of everlue



Hieght:  Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blue fur surrounding his body


 Happy is a very courageous and trustworthy. He is constantly seen with his companion Natsu and his teammates of Team Erza. He often plays a support role and sometimes comic relief of the group, though mostly everyone does. He is also very bold about his statements sometimes not minding what he says to other people. For example he frequently points out the affection between Loki and Lucy.  His favorite dish is fish and like to take his pay for missions as fish also. Being close to Natsu, Happy has a very deep connection to the other members of Team Erza.
Team erza lounging

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