cerial442's Happy! #4 review

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Grant Morrison is a love him or hate him writer. I love his stuff, but his stuff doesn't really mesh well until read as a whole. It may seem to be odd for the sake of being odd, but when all of the pieces are there the reader can collect them all and put them together. Then you usually end up with a great story.

Happy as a whole is a story that should have just gone straight to trade. Before I read issue 4, the last issue, I went back and reread issues 1-3 again, then issue 4. In one setting. The story was a lot more enjoyable.

Happy is the story of a hitman named Nick Sax. Nick is a terrible person. A real piece of crap. He also lives in a dark, violent twisted world. While taking out some mobsters, Nick gets shot, and also gets a password to a mob bank account. While the mob is after him, Nick gets a visitor, a tiny blue horse with wings, named Happy.

I assume Happy is from the 5th dimension, like Bat-Mite, since he is imaginary. Remember that from Grant's run on Batman? Happy is the imaginary friend of a young girl named Haley, who is in serious trouble. Happy is sent to Nick to get him to save Haley, from a pedophile Santa. So on top of the mob trying to kill him, all of the cops in bed with the mob, Nick has to deal with an imaginary flying blue horse, and save a young girl. Oh and it's Christmas.

This was one of the more straight forward Morrison tales. No time jumps, no breaking of the 5th walls, and actually real easy to follow if read as a whole story.

One of the problems with the book, it was delayed majorly. Instead of finishing up the week of Christmas it finishes up in February. That's a bummer, but I guess can't be always helped.

The world this takes place in is a dark world. It sort of works as a social commentary, especially the train scene.

This is a story of redemption, and as dark as the world is, it sort of adapts to the way Nick is feeling. When Nick actually starts to get a little hope, the world brightens up a little.

It's a shame that this couldn't have just come out in one volume around Christmas time, but I really enjoyed it. I would recommend reading it all in one setting if possible, it's four issues. But be warned, it is a dark violent comic.

As a whole I would I give the entire series 5 imaginary friends out of 5.


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