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The tale takes place in Fairy Tale Land, a land under the protection of the Wizard. He is tasked with maintaining the balance of good and evil, and ensuring that all tales receive their traditional happy ending. However the Wizard leaves at the start of the film, going to take an overdue vacation. His assistants Munk and Mambo replace him. The former is serious and ready to maintain order. The latter bored with happy endings and ready for some mischief.

The situation goes out of control when the two assistants loose control of the Wizard's lair. Which is taken over by the wicked Frieda, who vows to end the constant string of happy endings. Replacing it with a string of twisted, evil endings. The assistants have to recruit Ella (Cinderella), Frieda's stepdaughter, to set things right. But Ella herself starts causing stories to go to a different direction.

A love triangle causes her own story to have a diffferent ending. Her "Prince" Humperdink is lazy, not-too-bright and simply goes through the motions. Depending on an instractions manual to have his story go to the right direction. While his servant Rick has genuine emotions for her and is a greter help to her cause.

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