who is your favourite Hank Pym I.D

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who is your favourite Hank Pym I.D (21 votes)

Wasp 24%
Ant Man 48%
Giant Man 29%
Goliath 14%
Yellowjacket 38%
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It goes




and the rest were always bland names.

#2 Posted by Onemoreposter (3564 posts) - - Show Bio

Yellowjacket just seemed to have a bit of pizaz that the others lacked. PLUS, love it or hate it, you know he kept that pimp hand strong.....

Plus, I think Yellowjacket was just the absolute best part of Avengers: EMH

#3 Posted by The_Tree (6418 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Yellowjacket, I think it had the coolest costume.

#4 Edited by fodigg (6094 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually prefer the "Hank Pym" catch-all with the simple workman's jumpsuit. I like the idea of a Hank Pym that's a crazed inventor first and foremost and that his superpower is he invents superpowers. I don't want to have to pick just one. I even wrote up a proposal for a title just called "Pym".

Of the "super" monikers, I like ant man or giant man as his primary ID, but threw a vote in for Wasp because that was a great jacket and that was when he was dubbed the "scientist supreme".

#5 Posted by TheManInTheShoe (3775 posts) - - Show Bio

Ant-Man, first and best, don't know why they felt the need to change it all the time

#6 Posted by JJ62 (1299 posts) - - Show Bio

Giant-Man was easily the best costume and name IMO.

#7 Posted by Yung ANcient One (4358 posts) - - Show Bio

I was never a fan of heroes whose powers were to become GIANTS or become tiny. I disliked the name and the outfit of Giant-Man. I didn't know what a Yellow Jacket was so I disliked that name too. The only time he looked remotely cool was Ultimate Universe Goliath. However, after reading Mighty Avengers I grew to be a fan of Pym. I personally really liked the idea of him being Wasp. The costume was cool, and Wasp > Yellow Jacket. Still at the end of the day the name Ant-Man sounds the best and looks the best especially the T-Bolt costume version. I didn't know Ant-Man was his first alias, knowing this I say he should just stay as Ant-Man.

( + )

#8 Posted by frogjitsu (471 posts) - - Show Bio

I always call him Ant-Man, but other than that Wasp and Dr. Pym. But honestly, I like that he has like 50 identities lol.

#9 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (5553 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Yellowjacket is my favourite.

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I love all of pym's ID's but Goliath has got to be my favorite by a landslide, I love the original costume for the identity as well as the starting arc where he is stuck at 10 feet. Avengers v1 28-58 is easily my favorite run on the series.

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I prefer Hank Pym from West Coast Avengers.

Most of his hardcore tech feats came when he was teh Wasp.

I dont even recognize him as Ant-man cuz he gave up the identity so easily.

Outside of Hank Pym, I preferred the Giant-Man persona

You know how Reed went bad and became the Maker in the Ultimates. Pym has such understanding of time, AI and other stuff, he could easily do the same. I would prefer him be evil than the woe is me character alot of the writers tend to portray him

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