What's the status on Marvel Studios' Ant-Man?

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Does anyone even know?   


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Last I read a few weeks ago, it was back into pre-production.  It was on an uncertain hiatus for a while.  But it also looks like if the movie does actually come out, that it won't be out for another 2-3 years.

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What a waste of a movie.
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Edgar Write has been saying for like, 5 years now that he's "rewriting the script." He better finish soon because Ant-Man's my favorite Avenger next to Cap. 

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Last I heard anything was that the director was going to focus on it once he was done with Scott Pilgrim....which I believe has been awhile now if I'm not mistaken.
Sucks too, Ant-Man comes off as a lame superhero to most people, but only because they think shrinking is lame itself, which personally I find Ant-Man (and DC's Atom....thanks to JLU, he was awesome in that show, seriously, the episode with Amazo and Lex....EPIC! ^_^) one of my favorite Avengers, loving Hank Pym in Avengers: EMH currently and I love O'Grady right now in current comics (more of Brubaker's take than the one in AM&W miniseries though...)
Honestly though I hope we get this movie, if done right could put a lot of haters to rest and give the world a unique hero that we don't see as much as we should. But in truth I hope they use O'Grady, personally I think he would be the best for the normal movie goers to get into since he does seem like the perfect choice, he's given this amazing power and abuses it, but soon finds that he has the power to be a great hero and help others but still struggles with his selfishness and ego. Also since S.H.I.E.L.D. is a major part in the movies, it would be easier to integrate Eric into the films as an agent turned superhero, maybe having Pym the creator, but more like a mentor instead. But hey, that's just my opinion. I'm still hoping we get the movie at all at this point right now.

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@War Killer: I agree.  All of my friends always think I'm nuts because I like the character Ant-Man.  They're like "Ant-Man?? What is it a cheap rip off of Spider-man?"  Definitely not.  He's actually pretty unique in the Marvel world.  Like you, I hope this movie comes out and is incredible especially to put those nay-sayers to rest.  I also agree..at this point I hope this movie comes out at all. 
I really hope they use O'Grady because the Irredeemable Ant-Man was one of the best series I ever read.  Pym would be the obvious choice and wouldn't be disappointed if they used him.  Lang, however, I don't remember ever even reading comics with him.
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I look forward to watching it myself, if and when it is ever made. However I would really prefer not to see the Erik O'Grady version. I'd rather see Pym don the helmet and talk to the ants. You need Wasp, and you need Whirlwind and Egghead.

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