The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes - Micro-Episode 3 - Ant-Man

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As we wait for the October 20th premiere of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD we are still getting micro-episodes introducing all of the Avengers' members individually.    
Check out the previous episodes:

Today's episode will shrink us up to size to get a glimpse at the creator of the Pym Particles; Ant-Man

"The Man in the Ant Hill" 
When microbiologist Hank Pym obtains a rare sample of a metal called Vibranium to study, the villainous Klaw comes to steal it...but Klaw isn't prepared to enter Hank's world: The world of Ant-Man! 
Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Vinton Heuk

I have to admit this was very entertaining, seeing as we have seen various live-action and animated depictions of Hulk and Iron Man I am not as interesting in their micro-episodes as I am in Wasp and Ant-Man because you haven't seen these characters in this form very often.
One thing I would like to point out is that Christopher Yost wrote this micro-episode. I wonder why the other characters' episodes were not written by comic book writers?
I do have another query; the last two micro-episodes left off in a sort of "To Be Continued" matter, why didn't this one? 
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I tweeted to Chris Yost just now... and he replied back: 

  • sora_thekey: @ yost I just saw Ant-Man's micro episode... That's was a lot of fun! Thanks!
  • yost: @ sora_thekey you're welcome! and thank you for watching it! 
I love twitter! :)

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