Tales to Astonish #36 (Review)

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Where to begin? O.K., this Ant-Man story is all sorts of wrong. First, there's the obvious anti-Communist propaganda on which its based - not that unusual for early Marvel, but laid on pretty thick here.

Then there's Ant-Man's communications network of ants - pretty clever idea except it really gives ants way too much credit for what they can do. Speaking of which, this issue is chock full of ants doing the impossible - from making boats that they navigate at sea to turning keys in locks - practically everything they do is a 'gimme a break, ants couldn't do that even if they wanted to' moment.

And the ants aren't the only ones that do the impossible - Ant-Man himself relies on a lot of amazing coincidences like his plan to knock a guy unconscious by having his ants chew through a rope holding a standard sized kerosene lantern nearby, and ultimately defeating 'Comrade X' by tying his shoelaces together (seriously!).

This is one Hank Pym story that you should definitely avoid.

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