Scientist Supreme?

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Why is Hank Scientis Supreme?  What did he do to deserve this, why not Mr.Fantastic or someone else with more merit?
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To be fair, Hank did create one of the most powerful, adaptable, and downright perfect AI ever seen in the Marvel universe.  There's the issue that he also made it homicidally insane with more than a few genocidal urges, and has indirectly caused more destruction than most people alive, but whatever.  Science!
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Not sure if we ever got a  distinct answer, but his status as such was at least questioned in Mighty Avengers 34...

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@daak1212: It was explained in the issue. Stark is an engineer, Reed is a researcher, Hank is a mage. He makes science look like magic. If he wants to fly, he grows wings, if he wants to be taller; he grows taller. The Avengers' Infinite Mansion is also one of the most amazing things ever designed. Hank does things because he can, he makes Science defy its own rules, that's why he's Scientist Supreme. 
Not to mention he is considered the god of all A.I.
So, yeh, I think he deserves it :)

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