Could Simon Pegg Play a Villain in Ant-Man?

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Will Ant-Man ever come out? Who knows, but it's still slated to come out in 2012, and Edgar Wright is still attached to direct it. Joe Cornish is also still assigned as the screenwriter according to imdb. In days past, Edgar Wright and actor Simon Pegg have worked together on numerous occasions; most notably Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and the television series Spaced. The begs the question, will the two work again on Ant-Man?
According to ViewLondon, Simon Pegg has expressed interest on the Ant-Man film. He may just be joking around a bit, but it seems as though Simon Pegg wants a role in the film, as he stated in a recent interview:
"I don't think I'd want to play Ant-Man. I think it would be more fun to play a villain in that thing. I'd like to play a villain. But no, they're going to want some good-looking young American. That's a Marvel movie – funny-looking British actors don't play a big part in that unless they're bad."
Would Simon Pegg work as a villain in the film? I don't see why not, but I can't figure out who he could play. He's got a lot of talent, and is a lot of fun to watch on the big screen, but who could he play? Your thoughts?
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I'd say Egghead if they could do him and not make him look like a Conehead

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Definitely Egghead.  

Super Hero Squad

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i could see him playing egghead as well just needs to shave his head
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the only way to have him as egghead is to make him look like a cone head, id like to see 
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Pegg is a god. If he wants to be in your damn Avenger's movie, you find a way. make him a goofy scientist or Shield agent for crying out loud. ITS SIMON PEGG!!!
 honestly though, when any actor wants to be in these big budget movies, unless they want big bucks, you should squeeze them in. You can do it without making it a sleazy cameo. 
 Get it done Marvel.

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I think making him Egghead would be good. He just needs to shave and then they could make the head egg-like by using CGI. Or he could be Scot Lang.

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Ultron is british right?...right?

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Well he could play The Voice or Whirlwind. >.>;;;

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egghead,lol...what a stupid villian

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Well he did play a okay villain in a episode of Doctor Who, so I say give it a shot.

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I don't know who Egghead is but I will research him and then make my decision on him. 
EDIT: After looking at the Egghead page, I totally think he would be great as Egghead.  Having him be a mad scientist would be great.  Also, how great of a team name is the Emissaries of Evil?

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No! Simon Pegg is...
The Highland Laddie

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He obviously wouldn't be Ultron, but how awesome would a live-action Ultron be?

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Egghead. Yep.

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@G-Man said:
" Definitely Egghead.  

Super Hero Squad

Yes I can definitely see Simon Pegg as this guy. He would look and act the part perfectly.
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he can be serious; just look at hi role in Hot Fuzz, which was fantastic

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Whirlwind is the villain they should go with for an Ant-Man movie. I just can't see Egghead as a serious villain, lol

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@G-Man:  funny i completely agree.
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Besides Egghead, what other Ant Man bad guys are there?

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Simon Pegg is hilarious. Even in a simple interview he is able to get in some jokes! But, alas, he is correct on the whole Marvel wanting good-looking Americans... (Marvel Studios that is) to play the lead roles. Who is Ant-Man's villain though? I don't really follow the little/big guy, so the question is... Who would Simon Pegg play?

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Yeah it would be good to see him in this. I gotta say that Nathan Fillion would be an amazing Hank Pym.
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Would be pretty funny. lol

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Pegg would make a decent Scott Lang. I don't see him as Pym, really, unless they reinvent the character entirely (which I'm against)
But if they managed to make a viable Egghead, Pegg would tear it up.
Heh. "Pegghead"

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Whatever role he plays, they just NEED him in the movie.  I absolutely love Simon Pegg and think he can play comedy, drama, and action all equally well.  I doubt they'd make him the lead whether it were Pym, Lang, or O'Grady, but he should be in the movie.

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