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The Hand of Krona were a sacred order that revered the actions of the Maltusian scientist Krona. Krona was an inhabitant of the planet Maltus and lived in a time before its inhabitants became the Guardians of the Universe. He became fixated on witnessing the moment of creation and despite being forbidden by his comrades he created a machine to see this act. However, his actions led to the creation of the Multiverse and formation of the Anti-Matter Universe. It was believed that this act robbed the universe of billions of years of existence by introducing entropy and also led to the birth of evil in the cosmos. For his actions, Krona was reduced to an energy state and banished from his people. Despite this sentence, his actions inspired various alien beings that knew of his actions. These individuals formed the sacred order called the Hand of Krona as they believed that he showed that mortals were capable of great acts of creation themselves. Thus, they began a process of intervening in the evolutionary development of entire planets where they were forcibly upgraded with advanced technology. Some of these planets failed and were destroyed in the process but the data was used by the Hand of Krona for the next world.

The group survived in the time when the Green Lantern Corps had been destroyed by Hal Jordan. A number of Kronans arrived on Earth where they attempted to forcibly evolve the planet. They were opposed by the Justice League where the Hand of Krona believed their actions would unify the cosmos in a way that the Green Lanterns, Darkstars and L.E.G.I.O.N. had failed. The Kronans also attempted to enlist Kyle Rayner and use him as a symbol for their order but he rejected their offer. Batman managed to disrupt the process that was transforming Earth's environment thus forcing the Hand of Krona to retreat though their leader believed that he had instilled a seed of doubt within Kyle Rayner's mind and intended to harvest it in the future.

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