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Originally the Hand of Bedlam was -unsurprisingly- the hand of Bedlam, the left one to be exact. However, this would change when Purgatori stole Chastity's life force and as such she transformed into Heresy. Now with even more power at her disposal, Heresy began taking out all beings in her universe, including Lady Death. But her last victim would be none other than the Bedlam, whose mighty power had once been beyond her own.

But this time around Heresy managed to defeat Bedlam, and took his power for herself by killing him and removing his left hand. With it she gained all of his powers and managed to be the only survivor of her world's Armageddon through the use of its power.

She then used it to ensure her own survival by getting Purgatori to fight (and hopefully kill) Chastity, but the plan did not work out when the two turned on her and began a battle for the Hand of Bedlam. Eventually Chastity succeeded in taking it for herself but its power proved to mighty for her and so then Purgatori used it, however, whether the consequences were worth wielding the power for those few seconds are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

The Hand of Bedlam granted Heresy the powers to command both time and space, while still leaving her all of her original powers. It also was the only thing that allowed Heresy to survive her world's Armageddon allowing her to travel through dimensions, including the Limbo dimension.

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