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The original Hammerhand was a first generation Spaceknight whose armor had oversized hands which acted as hammers. He also uses an Energy Analyzer similar to that of Rom. He was one of the Spaceknights captured by the sorcerer Mentus until Rom rescued them. He later joined Rom and others against Galactus when the cosmic being being targeted their native planet, Galador. Hammerhand managed to incapacitate Terrax by beating him to unconsciousess. He also joined Rom and Galactus to the Dark Nebula. His status is uncertain.

The second Hammerhand was Bron, a Galadorian youth recruited as a third generation Spaceknight. This generation included two sons of Rom and Starshine/Brandy Clark and various Galadorian youths originating in Galador's space colonies. The colonies had not been affected by the civil war which annihilated the previous inhabitants of Galador. His main power was his "fists of steel". The main difference of these Spaceknights was that they could change between cyborg and human form at will. The first two generations could only regularly use the cyborg form, their human form was placed in suspended animation to await their returns.

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