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When your son is born, you will know a gripping, powerful love. And, looking into his little face, you will believe that he could someday change the world, perhaps even save it. Then you will learn the heart-wrenching horror when you learn that he is sick ? barely clinging to life. That's when every moment you have with him is precious. That's when you either pray for the gods to intervene or you curse them for torturing you. Curse or prayer, the gods will deliver an answer. Your son will live ? as something more than a man. Forbidden to touch as a killing tool, he has become the most dangerous weapon ever created. You only want the best for him. Yet all he thinks about is why he can't play at war with the other boys. Hammer of the Gods is an epic tapestry woven from the threads of Viking myth and powerful modern storytelling. And since it comes from the creative minds of Mike Oeming (Powers) and Mark Wheatly (Breathtaker), this epic doesn't completely take itself seriously. This first issue is one of four that will tell the story of Modi, the boy who is the Hammer of the Gods. Featuring a beautiful cover by Frank Cho.

As the baby Modi lies dying, his distraught parents beg the Gods to intervene. They do, with a Valkyrie named Skogul ensuring not only his survival, but also bestowing a blessing of prodigious strength and great wisdom.

It comes with a warning, though: Should Modi raise a weapon his soul will be forfeit. Despite his gifts the adult Modi becomes disillusioned with the Gods, and swears to destroy them.







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