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Hamilton Slade is apparently the great-great-granduncle of Clarice Ferguson, known as Blink.  While alive he was the favorite son and prodigy of Clan Akkaba due to his molecule rearranging powers, high-ego and boosting enough power to confirm it Dracula felt he was the perfect subject. As far as Hamilton was concerned he was never on good terms with his brother Frederick Slade or other clan members.  Seeing them below himself but once he became a vampire it all changed. His hatred intensified possibly by Dracula's manipulation and he came back to the clan ready to kill them and Apocalypse.  In the end

Hamilton's death at the hands of his brother
Frederick had to kill Hamilton using his power to teleport his head from his body.


  • Mutant Powers: Due to Hamilton being a decedent of Clan Akkaba he possess formidable powers including control over his molecular structure which grants him augmented strength, durability, stretching power, and the ability to morph his hands into different shapes and weapons.
  • Vampiric Powers: Include longevity, near indestructibility, and presumably other vampire norms. However this also came with the weakness of vampires such as sunlight and stake through the heart.

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