Creating a TV series done entirely in CG

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Hi, I wondered if its ok, to start my own personal hobby, by creating a Mini Series of this comic entirely done in CG, namely Blender 3D, as a self interest hobby learning curve.

If its ok, then i could use all the help with ideas, designs, music choices, models etc etc

#2 Posted by Crimson Orchid (5825 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool idea. I'd offer up some advice but I'm not completely confident with my CG abilities yet and haven't tried Blender yet... my course primarily uses Maya 8.5

#3 Posted by Spartanis (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Well neither am I with Blender, But starting this project, we would not only learn alot about the software we used, but, being I used a machine where it has Open Source Ubuntu OS, Open Source Blender 3d, we could make the first Open Source Film! :P Make way for Gene Roddenberry's dream of Utopia where currency does not exists!! :P

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