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Unbelievable 0

HALLOWEEN RESURECTION : In the beginning of this movie we are told that Michael Myers survived his head being cut off by dressing up a paramedic like him. That ended the movie for me. That and the presence of Tyra Banks. On the other hand she does get killed, so that's a plus. This movie really figures there is no point to have a story, or follow any train of logic. A man is pulled screaming into a mirror, and no one in the dark quiet house hears him. There is some sense of creepiness to it, it ...

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Aren't these movies supposed to be scary 0

I haven't seen the begining of this movie but I don't feel that i need to. The plot isn't very interesting and is predictable. The death scenes aren't exciting and are low in number. Worst of all it isn't scary, frightening, suspensful, or even spooky. It's just a movie with a guy running around with a knife killing people to dumb to avoid him. There are scenes that don't make sense like when the guy in the kitchen throws pepper in his eyes and it stuns him but he is immune to most other attacks...

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