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Halcyon managed to impress the Queen of the Third Race Titania during her "brief" divorce from Oberon and the two fell in love and were married. They were soon blessed with a child who they named Fox.

The marriage fell apart when Titania grew tired of Halcyon's rigid sense of right and wrong. Halcyon was devastated again when his daughter Fox became a relationship with David Xanatos, a man who Halcyon considered amoral. During this time Halcyon contracted a terminal disease.

Fortress one was a design of Halcyon's that Xanatos had destroyed by the Gargoyles when they were temporarily in his employ. When Halcyon got around to building Fortress two, the gargoyles as an act of penance decided to safeguard the airship on its first voyage. Halcyon perceived them as a threat and captured Goliath. Halcyon managed to convince Goliath to take responsibility for his part in the destruction of Fortress one and the two became allies and defeated Fox who had tried to sabotage the maiden flight of Fortress two.  Halcyon later attempted to place his soul in the body of the Golem of Prague as he didn't want to die. He was convinced by Goliath that this was wrong and he should accept his fate.

Halcyon was one of the foremost defenders of his grandson Alexander Xanatos when Oberon tried to abduct him.

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