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Artist Hal Lockwood began his comic book career in the 1940's working on a wide variety of humor and funny-animal comic books for the low-rent publisher Ace Periodicals, including Professor Penguin, Nutty Squirrel, Pat & Mike, Marmaduke Monk, and others.

For Timely Comics, Lockwood produced art for an equally wide range of humor titles, typifying the tendency of Timely/Atlas/Marvel to produce derivative titles drawn from the popularity of titles at other companies, but never less than clear, competent and utterly professional.

Lockwood went into partnership with comics artist Vern Henkel to form a studio called Film Media, producing industrial slides and cartoons and educational film strips. Lockwood's best known work, however, may be his seminal role in the production of COLONEL BLEEP, the first color cartoon produced for television and a stunning example of 1950's animation design.

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I've known Hal for the past 10 years. Will be having Thanksgiving dinner with him and Judy this year. I'll tell him about this site. He's 91 or 92 now but still active on the computer. Maybe he'll send an update.

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