Oh No, The Green Lantern Movie Has Been Pushed Back

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This could be good news or it could be bad.  I did think that trying to get this movie released on December 17, 2010 would rush things.  Warner Bros. must have realized this as well.  An actor hasn't even been cast yet and there's bound to be tons of  work that will be done after filming has completed. 

Box Office Mojo has reported that Warner Bros. is pushing the movie back six months for a June 17, 2011 release.  So the good news is it give director Martin Campbell six more months to work on what should be an epic movie.  We should get nice effects and not have a rushed movie.

What's the bad news?  2011 is going to be quite the year of superhero movies.  That means a lot more competition for Hal Jordan, who isn't necessarily a household name (for non-comic book readers).

Spider-Man 4 is due on May 6, 2011.  That probably won't be much of a problem.
Thor is due on June 17, 2011, the same day as Green Lantern.  That might not be a problem.
Captain America is set for July 22, 2011.  I would think GL would still be in theaters after a month but who knows.

Obviously the Marvel movies may face date changes as well.  Let's just hope there is enough room in theaters for all these hero movies and let's hope that Green Lantern doesn't get pushed back further.

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I don't mind it being pushed back, at least there's a reason. They need time to get a good script, get a good cast, shoot and then all those green constructs in post-production. Unlike Harry Potter that was pushed back 8 months for almost no reason.

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2011 is going to be a good year for movies.

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2011 huh ? Okay... I guess I can dig that.
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Same day as Thor? That might not be good. I think between Cap and Thor would be a better idea. Why have one superhero movie compete with another? It'll split the fanbase in half and won't be good for box office draws for either film. I know I sure as hell won't be going to 2 movies in one weekend. Not unless they drop ticket prices drastically by then.

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"Thor is due on June 17, 2011, the same day as Green Lantern.  That might not be a problem."
Are you kidding? Kenneth Branagh directing Thor and that might not pose a threat to Green Lantern?
I'm no fan of Thor, but the guy deserves more credit than THAT.

WB is notorious for pushing movies back. I hope it's good for the quality of the movie, but I think it's a mistake having it SO close to other first-time superhero debut movies. Time will tell.

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I'm not expecting a GL live action movie to be that good, unless I see a trailer that proves me wrong. Just because it would be so hard to capture everything a GL ring can do on screen and make it look good, that will take some crazy special affects/CGI. I am not even worried about the plot and actors at this point.

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Tainted-Cell said:
""Thor is due on June 17, 2011, the same day as Green Lantern.  That might not be a problem."Are you kidding? Kenneth Branagh directing Thor and that might not pose a threat to Green Lantern?I'm no fan of Thor, but the guy deserves more credit than THAT."
Believe me I have respect for Branagh but Thor could be a hard sell for some.  Not everyone is a fan of Goldylocks.  Even though they're both superhero movies, they're going to have different feels.  GL will be more sci-fi/space based and Thor will be more mythologically based.  Another key will be the female/non-comic readers.  Which of the two movies will you be able to convince your girlfriend (or wife) to see (no offense meant for our female comic reading users)?  Casting could also be an issue.  If it came down to myself, I'd choose seeing the GL movie first.  Regardless, they will both take box office cash away from each other.  Not many people will see more than one movie in the same weekend.
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I feel like Thor and Captain America are going to be letdowns. Cap is never that good on his own, he usually blends better with a team. I think Thor is gonna be a 300/Beowulf kinda green-screenish thing that will not keep true to the comics. Spider-man 4 will probably be the best. This is dependent on the villains and how much they learned from 3. If they did the reverse of 3, then they will be all set. Green Lantern has a great origin, but i feel like the producers will try to "dark knight" it up. It will end up being some preachy intense sci-fi instead of a fun-stupid kick ass space space opera-kinda thing

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The broken ring looks like a dog.

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2011 sounds like a great year for comic nerds

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I agree with PrinceIMC

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  It seems like it takes all the studios too long to put out the movies, but I guess I'm just impatient.

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It could also mean that Warner has found newfound confidence with what they've seen in pre-production. 

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Hm i might see both that weekend, but i'd probably would watch GL first but it all depends on what news/trailer of the movie that'll convince me to see which movie first...

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Good thing nobody's gonna go see Spider-Man 4.

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They haven't even got a full cast yet so yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it came out even later.

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man....................oh well i guess i can wait, i hope this does not hit the same time spiderman 4 does.

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I'm not completely sure about this but wouldn't non-comic book readers prefer to see Green Lantern than Thor? I mean until I read a few comics I didn't know Thor besides a few things of viking mythology from class and never expected him to be a comic character. Green Lantern though? Don't ask me how because I don't have an idea but even before seeing the JL series or ever imagining picking a comic book I knew about GL, atleast the costume and the ring if not the origin.

Besides Green Lantern is known for the JL and JLU series, as well as his comming Animated Movie

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i honestly cannot wait for this movie to come out, its good that they push it back for a good reason but its bad b/c i really really really want to see it lol

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who wants to bet that Marvel changes the date again? Green Lantern is better known than Thor for non-comic book readers and with the reboot of Star Trek and the few new Star Wars movies that came a few years ago the space movies genre is back

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2011 i cant wait that long!

Quick weres my time machine lol

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That's my birthday!! I'm a Marvel fan, but I'm gonna see GL movie first before Thor

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