Off My Mind: Hal Jordan Will Return as a Black Lantern

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#51 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

I think "greatest" black lantern won't mean what we might think it means. Maybe he has to become a black lantern to destroy the black lantern corps once and for all -- except in him. Then Kyle as a white lantern battles Hal in one final fight of destruction vs life. No one really wins the fight though -- because that never happens. Someone will find an alternate way to save both Kyle and Hal and they will both be saved. Unfortunately, the result made something else happen that is a threat to the universe -- again.

#52 Posted by mattwing87 (433 posts) - - Show Bio

@Omega-Man said:

How can people like this? Hal Jordan has died more times than any other comic hero in history. I'd say keep him dead because it feels like such a cop out for him to come back AGAIN how many times has Hal died and come back from the dead? I mean sheesh death has no hold over Hal Jordan he just gets better like a minor cut on his hand.

Same as the unneeded GL Baz he is unneeded, why couldn't John Stewart just take over for him? Or Guy Gardner? I actually have to say I hate Baz he shouldn't have been created at all he is unneeded and completely useless considering how many Earth GLs there are anyway. And if DC needed a new GL so badly I would have preferred a woman rather than another man taking the role of a GL.

I think Professor X and Jean Grey have died more than Hal Jordan

#53 Posted by Hal__Jordan (45 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder how long he will be dead this time, but I hope it won't be long.

#54 Posted by cbishop (7669 posts) - - Show Bio

It was inevitable. Hal has been a member of every other Lantern corps, so he had to be a Black Lantern too. Look for the full set of Rainbow Corps Hal Jordan figures to follow! (possibly packaged with their own rings!)

#55 Posted by Mastercodex (28 posts) - - Show Bio

I honestly think they're going to have Hal's insane willpower make him turn the power of the Black Ring for good and lead the corps into a new path. Because let's be honest, he isn't being brain controlled here.

#56 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

This is truly amazing. Really am liking the issues and with Hal being a Black Lantern now, just further recognition that the Blackest Night was one of DC's best events EVER.

#57 Posted by monitor_earthprime (82 posts) - - Show Bio

I am wondering how long it will be till hal gets his own Black Lantern book and Kyle becomes the Rainbow Lantern.

#58 Posted by AskaniSon295 (429 posts) - - Show Bio

Hal Jordan should meet Jean Grey and fall in Love.

#59 Edited by Teerack (7989 posts) - - Show Bio

Simon is in the top 5 stupidest things DC has done in the last decade. I'll probably stop reading this book if the focus doesn't land on Hal at the end.

#60 Posted by Omega-Man (776 posts) - - Show Bio


True, but both of those guys are Marvel characters.

#61 Posted by kilowog52 (669 posts) - - Show Bio

Here is my prediction. Hal Jordan's act as the greatest Black Lantern will consist of him defeating the First Lantern, then he will return to the Green Lantern Corps. Simon Baz will remain a Green Lantern, but the main focus of the Green Lantern series will follow Hal. Baz will appear however, in Justice League of America, and in Green Lantern from time to time.

Here's what I'd like to see. Ganthet's lobotomy reversed and the other Guardians defeated. Hal Jordan being given the Crimson Mantle of Command. Sinestro remain as a Green Lantern. I feel like the character has come full circle and this is a chance for him to redeem himself. The New Guardians replacing the Guardians as protectors of the universe. This story should eventually lead to what we saw, in I believe it was Adventure Comics, not long before Flashpoint, where Sodom Yot was the last survinving Guardian of the Universe in the 31st century. Kyle Rayner's story of mastering every part of the spectrum continue. Simon Baz keep his power ring, but being sort of a rebel GL. Guy Gardner reinstated as leader of the Honor Guard. John Stewart and the giant alien whale we saw as GL in Last Days of Animal Man being GL's of sector 2814. Salaak survive and resume his prior role, though with his loyalty given to the corps instead of the deposed Guardians. Kilowog to join the Honor Guard and Stel to continue to have a shot to take his place.

I am so glad that they got rid of the Alpha Lanterns. Another thing that I think many people have forgotten about is. At the end of War of the Green Lanterns, when the New Guardians got their rings back, Sinestro had a Green ring already and his yellow ring flew off. I'd like to see the question of who then received that ring, as well as what mayhem they have in store for the DCU explored. Taking him down could be part of Sinestro's mission as a reinstated Green Lantern. Like I said, I think it's time he redeemed himself and his membership in the Corps could provide the conflict within its ranks which will be a subplot in later stories.

Now I'm just rambling, so I'll cut this short now.

#62 Posted by Cavemold (1684 posts) - - Show Bio

AGAIN?? recycling is easy see. We saw this in blackest night.

#63 Edited by Raw_Material (3306 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice prediction ..This is most likely what's going to happen I think. I believe Hal Jordan is gonna become a Black Lantern alongside Tomar-Re and couple other deceased lanterns to stop the rage of Volthoom from unleashing within the chambers he is imprisoned in. Maybe this is what 'The Book of the Black' means when it is said."Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern." He'll be able to defeat the lights of the first Green Lantern or maybe he'll take on The Third Army and defeat them in battle, as well. Either way, I think this is to be foretold in the next couple issues.

#64 Posted by entropy_aegis (15750 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes he will be a Black Lantern...for about 3 pages so that Johns can use him as a plot device and ofcourse Johns has a fetish for Hal using every single color,I mean is THERE ANY COLOR HE HASN'T USED? Hal is the greatest everything.

#65 Posted by smeagollk (27 posts) - - Show Bio

looks seriously cool.. looking forward for more

#66 Posted by MCWachner (21 posts) - - Show Bio

My money is on Kyle Rayner. He got so many problems finding the right spectrum of emotions, so I do believe he will eventually end up as a Black Lantern do to the unstable mind of Kyle Rayner.

#67 Posted by RedLanternRage81 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

I AGREE.... its gotta be sinestro as black lantern, no way Hal goes to the dark side. I like Baz, but hes no Hal...but he did just heal his bff that was in the hospital? the ring cant heal or bring back the dead.....right?

#68 Edited by DEGRAAF (7989 posts) - - Show Bio

For some reason i see Hal leading the undead to peace. He will some how give the dead the ability to think for themselves as any other lantern can do (for the most part). Maybe we will start seeing more old dead characters like we did in the New 52 but with an edge. They will come back and for the most part still be themselves but will have this edge of anger and hatred making them willing to kill or maybe Hal will be able to raise old heroes and villains and use them as his tools (their powers as well)

@bennyq said:

It'll eventually be Black Lantern Hal against White Lantern Kyle. Can't wait!

It think they will have to come together to defeat the first lantern

@JayJayCAW said:

he probably wont need to actually be dead to wear a Black Lantern ring, SuperBoy-Prime did it and he ended up being able to channel the entire emotional spectrum, maybe Hal will be able to do something similar. I doubt he'll be going back to Green Lantern Corps after the Guardians basically betrayed the entire universe, so he'll use a Black Lantern ring instead.

I think Superboy Prime was just bad writing and i would like to see him not go back to the Green Lanterns necessarily. He was supposed to be the greatest Blue Lantern as well i belive so i would like to see him as Blue Lantern or him and Sinestro run the Sinestro corps soon

@blackkitty said:

Sinestro now has his hatred of the Guardians and the perfect excuse to start up the Yellow Lanterns. I can see Hal and Sinestro coming back as Black Lanterns, restoring the Green Lanterns to the way they were designed but while Hal surrenders his ring to be a Green Lantern again, Sinestro remains, corrupts the purpose and goes on to be a Yellow Lantern. I guess the biggest question would then be, if they both surrendered their rings, who would get them next?

You keep mentioning surrendering to their rings... What do you mean?

#69 Posted by HalJordan888 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Well I'm pretty sure Hal is going Black Lantern sense we saw Black Lantern Hal in the GLC Annual in the Book of Black. I think for Hal to be the Greatest Black Lantern he'll have to do something pretty major in a long span of time. I also think Kyle might sacrifice his White Lantern ring to possibly bring back Hal from the Black Lantern side. Just because he's a Black Lantern doesn't mean he goes bad, but if he does I can see Kyle bring him back.

#70 Posted by consolemaster001 (6423 posts) - - Show Bio

Hal always dies

#71 Posted by Unsung_hero (19 posts) - - Show Bio

I reckon it'd be pretty awesome if sinestro (white ring) fought hal (black ring)

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