How has Hal Jordan changed since Geoff Johns?

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How has Hal Jordan changed since Geoff?

What parts of Hal's history have been rewrote by Geoff?

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He was a lot more sensitive and more of the straight arrow type for most of his career (although he did start out as a jackass) before Geoff got ahold of him.

1.He's less intelligent (Pre Geoff Hal was a college graduate with a degree in aviation engineering). He even created one of Ferris Air's flight simulators.

2. He's less creative with the ring before. In Emerald Dawn, took down Legion (a golden android powered by the consciousness of an alien race with a grudge against the Guardians whom had outfought most of the veteran Lanterns). with help from Barry, Hal learned how to pull off more complex feats with the wrong such as molecular manipulation and so on

3.He and Batman don't get along. pre Geoff, Hal and Bruce got along pretty well. Hal even invited Bruce to his wedding

4. Reduced Status In The GL Corps- Pre-Rebirth Hal was one of the most respected GL's. He was the first Honor Guard member (iirc) and served as a recruiter for a short while.

these are just a few.

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