Hal's Connection?

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Ok, trying to get some more work done on Hal's page... this is taking a lot longer than i thought...

bit of a weird question here, so i hope some of you out there will be able to give me some answer on this...

several times throughout Hal's original run as Green Lantern, and more Kyle's run, Hal was said to have a special connection with the power of the ring.

I believe this was first spoken of when he first became a Green Lantern and managed to 'embrace' the power of the central power battery on OA to remove LEGION from the planet.

I think the last time it was mentioned was in The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan, unless i've missed references to it later on.

my question is this, what exactly is the nature of his connection with the power? is it purely a biological connection? maybe a mutation or is it a mental connection? something to do with his willpower being 'purer'?

can anyone clear this up for me?


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Hmm sorry since I have just recently started reading comics I don't know well about that

but if you need help with something more recent tell me in case I can help you (altough you probably know more than me lol)

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The only time I remember it being mentioned is with Last Will. From what little I know of it I think it's because of how good a Lantern he is. It would explain how Guy is so powerful, since he and Hal were considered equal by Abin Sur's ring.

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Well there is a few things. One the first time Hal entered the battery was in Issue 224 the last issue of his original run due to the Krougarian clause after they killed Sinestro in issue 221. The second time that he moved into the battery was before the second time in the orginial storyline with the Emelard Dawn mini series. The third time he entered was in Gl 50 when he became the scourge on the Gl history Parallax. these are the mentions and walks ins of the Green Lantern History I hope it helps.

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hey, welcome Atom :D

actually the first time he entered the Central Power battery on OA was in issue 6 of Green Lantern, where he entered it to save OA from LEGION

The Guardians stated that it shouldn't have been possible and that he had a special connection...

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I thought legion was a character put forward in the emerald dawn Series. Actually I know for a fact that he first appeared inthe Emerald Dawn Mini Series issue Two.

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Emerald Dawn, Issue 6


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Methos I know that is when he enters, which is set before even i think Issue 2 of the series though that was the 60's and this came in in I think ethier 90 or 89. Legion first appeared in issue 2 of Emerald Dawn, which is a complete mini series as a yellow shell, when Hal cracked it then the flood came out.

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yup :D

i'm just saying that was the first mention of his 'connection', it was later said quite a few times by The Guardians as a "special connection with the power" that they couldn't explain


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But that's the problem from the 1-224 of the his originial run it wasn't until issue 224 that he went in, After that they movied him to Action Comics in the eighties and released Two mini series. Emerald Dawn one, with legion and his friend dieing due to drunk driving and Emerald Dawn two when he serves time in prison and Sinestro trains him. The Emelard Dawn mini series redid the early Hal Jordan, as the new series has down with him being suspended from the Air Force.

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yeah... again, retcons, i hate retcons lol


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I hate changes do you know offically Alan Scott has no origin now.

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officially the Starheart is a complete mess lol


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Yes espically due to Parallax and Ion creatures it completey undoes all origins, Random magic, who knows now even the weakness to wood makes no sense.

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ugh, don't even get my started on the Symbiote spit origins...


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see ya


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good point, I'm going to run I'll chat more with you about this later. Take Care.

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