Hal jordan feats.

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 Give me some pics of hals most amazing feats, feats as paralax, spectre or just plain old hal. are fine.

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You really were expecting something other than giant green planes and big fists ?

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Hal Time Traveling 

 Hal subconciouly creates wooden insects  after Alan Scott pisses him off 

Hal devolves Karshon aka The Shark 

Hal is revealed to be the one who gave earth its moon 

Hal f$%^s up the Lost Lanterns while making the Old Man Hair-do look good. Eat your heart out Reed Richards.
Mind Controlling the planet 
Hal freezing time 
Hal transforming bullets into flower 
Hal taking on the JLA 
hal's hypothetical how to beat the jla plan : later proven effective by Tom Kalmaku

 making airwave visible and coherent 

preparing to molercularly rearrange a constrictor with barry allen 
Encasing the empath star (again with Barry's help) 
Hal turns energy blasts into confetti 
Hal restores adam strange to human form 
Hal speeds up an aliens reaction time 
Hal takes on throtan 

Hal says "snow" to nukes 

Hal changes his anatomic structure to that of a robots 
Hal restores oxygen to an african jungle 
Hal disguises himself as a robot 
Hal creates a heavier version of water for Aquaman 
Hal turns himself into an insect
Hal turns an entire city invisible 
 Hal recreates Coast City

Hal learns other gl's fears 
your welcome : 3  
ill be back with more

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: What comic is the ones with Hal discussing how he would bet the JLA?
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Hal was cool in the Silver Age.

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Loved Hal in the 90s comics...GLs just seem to have become whipping boys for other characters in the New 52 universe.

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