brightest day?

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well, i didn't find "green lantern" forum, so i hope it's ok to open this topic here. so... after i bought a booklet of "blackest night" i found out that it only through the lanterns parts, and in the site i didn't manage to find the page of the arc and the next, "brightest day". the end of the booklet is when sinestro grow wings (XP), and set to fight the black corps. if someone can guid me to the continuation and give me links to both pages of the arcs, i'll thank you alot.

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try wikipedia the one bleow is for the Brightest day series

then read War of the Green Lanterns

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thanks, but from where am i supposed to start? the fisrt 25 of brightest day? p.s from which comics the hulk pic ni your avatar?

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The Brightest Day story arc page has the full reading order. It's not technically necessary to read every tie-in, I only read Brightest Fay and the Green Lantern tie-ins and I feel like I got the complete story. Hope this helps some.

#5 Posted by yotaman (101 posts) - - Show Bio 3:03 is where my booklet end, is "brightest day 0" the next issue in the story arc?

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