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Hagga was created by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen. She first appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes #288.


Hagga is the sorceress royal of the planet Orando, she was responsible for teaching her grand daughter Princess Projectra the ability to cast illusions. She later began teaching Projectra's cousin Pharoxx the immunity of Projectra's powers, so he could become the future king of Orando, reasoning that Projectra would be a even weaker ruler then her father.

When Projectra's father dies suddenly making her the queen, her cousin begins attempting to become king, challenging her and Karate Kid to trial by combat,being able to win through the immunity given to him by Hagga and surprising Karate Kid with an energy attack, and sentencing the two to death.

Shortly before the execution, Mon-El, Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass, and Dream Girl arrive to rescue their teammates from death making short work of Pharoxx and his royal guards, before being put down by a magical attack by Hagga, then binding to the Legionnaires to posts surrounded by a mystical fire, but thanks to Dream Girl they are able to escape with her utilizing her Legion Flight Ring and Shadow Lass's power to trick Hagga into believing her a witch, shortly after knocking her out with a punch following a distraction by Shadow Lass.

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