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Hadija in one of her imaginary Parties

Hadija was born in a rich family of oriental origins, Hadija is an orphan, her parents are dead in a car accident when she was a child .

Hadija is raised and educated by the robot-butler Tony, and, adult, she becomes a electronic engineer.

She is obsessed by the death of her parents, Hadija has continuous nightmares in that her parents are brutally killed.

For this obsession she organizes imaginary parties without real guests in order to remember the banquets given by her parents. She also becomes a saboteur, in fact she start to modifying the behavior of the machines that she works on or designs in order to take revenge on the Machines Company (from her point of view) guilty for her parents' death.

Major Story Arcs

The encounter and the Relationship with Nathan

Hadija kisses Nathan

During one of is trip in the “ Citta”, Hadija rent an apartment in the same building of Nathan never and shortly after they start a relationship.

At the time the alpha agency was investigating about the sabotage of the company which Hadija work, Nathan later then Discover that she is the saboteur .

He did not arrests her, but he helps her to overcome his psychological problems and later they start to living toghter in her fantastic Villa.

This relationship, with different Ups and Downs, will last for a large part of the series but will end when Hadija discover the photos of a possible betrayal of Nathan.

Hadija leaves Nathan and she goes away from the city without leaving contact details, Nathan loses her traces .

The Death of Hadija

The Death Of Hadija

Nathan will meet Hadija again in the Number 160 “Sotto La Maschera” but for the last time because Andy Havilland an ex Alpha Agency agents that now works for Mr.Alfa kills her in front of Nathan' eyes .

Nathan will be haunted for long by the image of Hadija's murder, in the successive issues of the series (during the Spazio-Temporal Saga) he will take revenge, but without experiencing the satisfaction that he dreamed.

The Role of the character

During the series Hadija represents an important support for Nathan, she helps him during the final separation with his daughter Ann, after the battle against Selena and in many other occasion and also becomes the coprotagonist with Nathan in different issues.

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