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Slasher flicks.
You know the genre.
Some masked nutcase chases down and creatively murders a small group of attractive teenagers with tragically poor decision-making skills, who have unleashed the killer's repressed psychosexual anger. These movies are associated with popcorn fun. They're lowbrow entertainment to take a hot date to.
But for
Cassie Hack, this ain't no popcorn movie. Cassie, the daughter of the notorious Slasher known as the Lunch Lady, travels the world with her monstrous partner Vlad, hunting and destroying Slashers wherever they may be, whatever form they may take.

An utterly defeated Cassie must overcome the death of her father if she's gong to escape a run-in with the police, a host of vengeance-seeking enemies, and a whole bunch of new slashers! Will Vlad be enough back up, or will the slasher-hunting duo need to turn to some unlikely allies?


This volume collects issues #18-32 of the acclaimed ongoing series, the new reader-friendly ENTRY WOUND THE LIVING CORPSE and the webcomic sensation HALLOWEEN MAN. one-shot, and fan-favorite crossovers with

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