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Little Bee

Killer Bee doesn't respect anyone who would make fun of his lyrics or rap.

Killer Bee is the former master of Samui, Karui, and Omoi from the Cloud village and is the Raikage's kid brother. When he was 5 years old, he was chosen to be the new host for the Hachibi after his cousin, the previous host, lost control and died. Life became hard for Killer Bee, he became an outcast since everyone feared and hated the Hachibi. Killer Bee was unphased though, he was prideful and used music to express himself. He also did his best to not shame his brother. Killer Bee's best friend however, Motoi, secretly tried to kill him when they were still kids to get rid of the Hachibi once and for all, but failed and ran away in disgrace.

Free Style

Team Taka encounter the Hachibi Jinchuuriki up in the Unraikyo mountains where he has been training, he emerges from a cave and immediately curses the bright sunlight and then begins rapping and taunting them.

Suigetsu attacks, but Killer Bee blocks and tosses Suigetsu's sword, Juugo then tells Suigetsu to fall back and goes in and Killer Bee defeats Juugo using Suigetsu's sword, and then Sasuke steps in. Sasuke manages to kick him, but he isn't fazed at all and tells Sasuke that he helped him come up with a new rhyme and starts writing it down. Sasuke then throws Suigetsu his sword and Killer Bee readies his own swords, holding them with the joints of his body and barrels towards Sasuke like a wheel of death. He harms Sasuke who retaliates with a Chidori-charged sword, only for Killer Bee to counter with a chakra-charged sword and greatly wounds Sasuke.


Killer Bee goes for the final blow, Suigetsu tries to block his attack but Killer Bee's chakra-charged sword starts to cut through his sword. Sasuke zaps it with Chidori to try to reinforce it, Juugo then punches Killer Bee in the face while Suigetsu breaks Killer Bee's sword and Karin drags Sasuke away, and Juugo hammers Killer Bee into the ground. Karin then heals Sasuke by letting him siphon some of her chakra and he continues the fight. Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Juugo all try to fight Killer Bee but aren't doing very well. Killer Bee then punches Suigetsu in the chest, but he turns to water and holds Killer Bee and lets Sasuke use Chidori on both of them. Juugo goes to hammer him, but misses and Karin senses Killer Bee some distance from them.

Killer Bee then begins using his Bijuu chakra and charges at Sasuke, but Sasuke manages to ricochet off and Killer Bee heads towards the others, Juugo manages to escape with Karin but Suigetsu gets hit and turns into a puddle. Killer Bee then charges at Sasuke again whom manages to catch him in Tsukiyomi, but he breaks free and rams into Sasuke, gravely wounding him once again. Karin doesn't have enough chakra to heal Sasuke again, so Juugo attempts to use his ability to shapeshift to patch Sasuke's wound.

...On a Rampage

Killer Bee then assumes his Bijuu's form. Suigetsu transforms into a large demon-faced wave and rams into Killer Bee while urging the others to escape, but Killer Bee blasts Suigetsu with a monstrous blast which left him unconscious. Sasuke then prepared to use Amaterasu. Killer Bee began flailing about while on fire, in the process he caught Karin on fire too before he passed out. Sasuke then used his MS again to extinguish the flames on both Killer Bee and Karin, they then carried Killer Bee to Madara.

Madara, Zetsu, and Kisame began the sealing process on Killer Bee, but it turned out to be a substitution created from one of Hachibi's severed tails. The real Killer Bee was still in the Cloud village, excited by his achievement: he had tricked everyone into believing he was captured by Akatsuki so that now he can leave and pursue his singing career. Hachibi told Killer Bee that his rapping sucks and showed an uneasiness to having it's tails severed, but Killer Bee remarked that they'd grow back and decided that he'd do a different kind of music. Hachibi asked about Killer Bee's brother, the Raikage, but Killer Bee said that he has always had to protect the village and could never leave and needs a break. Hachibi then asked why Killer Bee transformed when he already had the upperhand, to which Killer Bee replied that he just got carried away.

Shark vs. Octopus

Madara sent Kisame to capture Killer Bee after Sasuke failed, and found him being taught to sing enka by Sabu. When Kisame appeared, Sabu's racoon summon, Ponta attacked, but was knocked aside. Sabu then attacked Kisame himself with a giant axe, this is when Killer Bee threw an electrified pencil at Kisame. Kisame managed to avoid it and counter attacked by flinging Samehada at Killer Bee, but he also dodged. Sabu attacked with his giant axe but Kisame blocked it, however Killer Bee threw one electrified sword and attacked with his other, the thrown one stabbed Kisame in the arm but Kisame managed to block Killer Bee's attack with Samehada, which absorbed the lightning chakra around it. While in a contest of strength, Killer Bee used his 4-tailed form and tried to headbutt Kisame, but Samehada absorbed it the Bijuu's chakra shroud. Samehada grew twice as large and it's revealed to have a mouth with sharp teeth

Seeing Red

and a tongue. Killer Bee used a 7-tailed Bijuu chakra shroud and attacked, but Kisame managed to dodge and absorb 6 of the chakra tails. Since that didn't work, Hachibi wanted Killer Bee to release him but Killer Bee refused, saying that Sabu and Ponta could end up getting killed and anyone nearby would spot him and tell Raikage. So Killer Bee used an 8-tailed Bijuu chakra shroud and attacked Kisame again, it was too much for Samehada to absorb and Killer Bee tore Kisame's chest open. However before Kisame died, he fused with Samehada, it covered itself around Kisame's body, healing him and turned him even more into a shark with all the chakra Samehada absorbed. He then used Great Exploding Water Shockwave and then used Water Prison Shark Dance to turn the battlefield into a giant dome of water, taking advantage of his his new form. Sabu said that Killer Bee has to get the sword away from Kisame, but Kisame taunted them by saying they can try.

Disappearing Ink

Killer Bee tried to get Sabu and Ponta out of the water before they drowned, however there didn't seem to be any end and Kisame was right behind him. Hachibi told KIller Bee that the dome of water is moving with Kisame, so if he wanted to save his friends, he had to get Kisame to go in the opposite direction. Killer Bee tried this, but Kisame went to attack Ponta and Killer Bee tried to stop him, then Kisame turned and attacked KIller Bee. Killer Bee used a partial transformation to make the Hachibi's tentacles to come out of his body and wrap around Kisame and pulled him away from Sabu and Ponta, but touching Kisame was causing his chakra to be drained. Killer Bee decided to spit ink to blind Kisame and try to get out of the water before he ran out of breath,

Double Lariat

but Kisame could detect his chakra and started attacking. Seeing that Killer Bee was drowning, Kisame ended his jutsu and transformed back and was about to cut off Killer Bee's feet... but Samehada attacked Kisame, Samehada chose Killer Bee and started giving him chakra. This prompted Kisame to kick Samehada away and just use one of Killer Bee's swords. Kisame was about to cut off Killer Bee's leg, however he was stopped by the Raikage and his bodyguards who saw Kisame's giant water jutsu and sensed Killer Bee's chakra. Raikage and Killer Bee then attacked Kisame at the same time, decapitating Kisame with a tag-team lariat. He has since then returned back to his village with his brother. He also kept Samehada as his own sword, not knowing that the real Kisame was actually hiding inside of it and the one he fought was actually a clone made by Zetsu.

Clearing the Course

Killer Bee attended the Raikage's war meeting in the Cloud village but was too busy writing in his notepad to pay attention, unknown to anyone Kisame was spying on the event from within Samehada. The Kages agreed on a safe place for Killer Bee and Naruto, on treacherous island located in the Cloud village which is used for the Cloud's Chuunin exams, it's location makes it hard to get to and has a barrier to warn of intruders. Naruto travels to the island accompanied by Yamato, Gai, Aoba, and a few other Leaf ninjas. The ships is attacked by a giant squid which Killer Bee fights off in his Bijuu form and meets the Leaf ninjas. Along the way they were confronted by a large gorilla, but it's revealed that Killer Bee tamed the beasts on the island and they're safe with him, and it was that island where Killer Bee learned to control the Hachibi.

Once at their rooms, Naruto immediately went to Killer Bee's room to get trained, but Killer Bee refused saying that he was supposed to be on vacation for the first time in his life. Naruto tried to impress him and tried to rap, which Killer Bee liked but Naruto accidentally insulted his sunglasses. Panicking, Naruto used his Harem jutsu to persuade Killer Bee, but it failed. Later he shown wrestling with one the animals on the island. The Hachibi tried to convince him to help Naruto control his tailed beast, but Killer Bee only states that Hachibi should shut up or rap and why should he help someone who mocks rap. When Motoi, Yamato, and Naruto are attacked by the squid again, Naruto tricks Motoi into making amends for what he did as a kid and Killer Bee forgives him. Killer Bee then says that Naruto's raps are annoying that Naruto can now beat his inner self at the waterfall.

Last Hosts

Once Naruto does this Killer Bee takes him behind the waterfall and tells him that he is going to fight the Kyuubi there. He then takes Naruto to a lions head in the wall and says he has to put his head in it. If it accepts him he can go in the door and fight the Kyuubi, if it doesn't it will eat his head. Naruto pretends his head got eaten by it to scare Yamato. Naruto and Killer Bee laugh and said it was a joke. Then they go inside and Killer Bee helps Naruto fight the Kyuubi. He helps Naruto dodge moves from the fox and even helps contain an explosion. When Naruto starts to steal the fox's power he the hatred starts to take over. Killer Bee then says that he can't give in to the hatred and has to fight it. Killer Bee then says that the fox has more hatred then he thought and that he can't lose, prompting Yamato trying to hold back the fox himself.

Helping Hand

When Naruto finally get control of the nine tails' chakra he senses Kisame who was inside Samehada the whole time. Kisame looks weak and small but he uses Killer Bee's chakra to replenish his own making Bee temporarily weak.Bee finds out that Kisame forced Samehada to do his bidding.When Guy chases after Kisame Killer Bee transforms his arm and throws Guy so that he can catch up to Kisame.

Quick Construction

After the ordeal with Kisame was over, Killer Bee resumed training with Naruto. After gaining control of the Kyuubi's chakra, Killer Bee wanted to get Naruto to learn how to use the Kyuubi's abilities and gave Naruto his first task of stacking blocks. This proved to be tricky at first since Naruto had to learn to pick them up without crushing them, but ultimately got the hang of it.

Bee then takes Naruto to another room where they will learn the final level of his training. Bee then tell Naruto that he will have to transform into the Kyuubi and learn how to use the "Chakra Bomb" which is compressed energy that you shoot from your mouth. When Naruto tries and fails at transforming they decide to give up on learning the Chakra Bomb since you have to be in the Bijuu form to use it, and to focus on using his other abilities in that form. Bee allows Hachibi to take over and tell Naruto the dangers of using the Kyuubi's chakra; when drawing upon the Bijuu's chakra, the Bijuu is also devouring your chakra, so Naruto can't remain in his transformed state forever; because of this, Naruto also can't use Shadow Clones in his transformed state since they use so much of Naruto's chakra. After this Naruto tries to use Rasengan, using his chakra shroud instead of Shadow Clones, but using the Kyuubi chakra is proving tricky for Naruto. Upon seeing it, Killer Bee says that the Rasengan was a near identical replication of the "chakra bomb" and was impressed that it could even used by humans. Now all Naruto has to do is use it when he is in his nine tails chakra mode.

Shaking Roles

After the training was nearly finished, Naruto became aware of the war going and got Killer Bee's support to help their friends. This didn't sit well with Ei and Tsunade, who went to stop the two. After a small skirmish where Ei proved to be capable of fighting Naruto even in his new form, but when asked why we was more willing to kill Naruto than Killer Bee, Ei replied that he was would kill his brother if necessary. Killer Bee intervened to stop him from hitting Naruto again. Ei said that the Jinchuuriki should learn their place, but Killer Bee said that he's still a person. Ei started to remember his past with Killer Bee. How they weren't related by blood, that Killer Bee was part of a prestigious clan and was chosen to be his "brother" since only brothers could be the Cloud village's A-B Combo tag-team. He also remembered their confrontation with Minato.


Killer Bee is a very powerful ninja, which has been reaffirmed by those he's fought, those in his village, and his own brother. As a kid, he showed how powerful he was by completing missions that normally could only be accomplished with a partner. He has been referred to as the perfect Jinchuuriki. Contrary to his laid back personality, Killer Bee has a sharp wit which he has demonstrated time after time in battle.

Lightning Flow

Super Strength:

Killer Bee has immense strength and combat prowess. He can easily fend of multiple enemies at once, with little to no effort. Because Bee is so strong, he holds back but, even when doing so he displays great strength.

Incredible Reflexes, Speed, and Agility:

Bee is capable of moving from place to place in the blink of an eye, before the mind can even process that he's disappeared, and is capable of attacking opponents from behind before they can react.


Killer Bee is extremely durable, being able to fight for long durations of time taking little to no damage. Bee also possess great stamina, allowing him to go for long periods of times without tiring.

Electrical Chakra:

Killer Bee has shown the ability to charge his swords or other items with vibrating electrical chakra, giving them the ability to cut through things they normally couldn't. Bee's control over electricity has grown over time, to the point were he can completely control/manipulate electricity.

Beast Control:

Killer Bee's control over beasts extends beyond just the Hachibi, recently it was shown that he could control all the animals of the Bone Island without any form of difficulty. Killer Bee is capable of control other animals.


Killer Bee's unique Kenjutus

Unique Kenjutsu:

Killer Bee has developed a unique style of Kenjutsu, in which he holds his seven blades in between the joints of his arms (left armpit, both elbows), right leg, stomach, the right side of his neck, and in his mouth. He also incorporates Samehada into his Kenjutsu. Because this style is so unpredictable, his opponents are easily overwhelmed, thus giving Bee great versatility. Bee's unique Kenjutsu puts his opponents on the defensive and allows him to impale anyone he faces with his swords quickly and simultaneously. No one hes faced has been able to read his sword play. Bee can uses his swords as mid-range projectiles, and can also cover himself with Hachibi's chakra, creating a "Eight" sword. No matter how many swords he has, he still very proficient in his sword skills.

Killer Bee 2nd Tailed Beast Form
Killer Bee in his full Tailed Beast Form

Tailed Beast Form:

Killer Bee has shown amazing control over his Bijuu and is able to use as much of the Hachibi's power as he wants without any apparent drawbacks, unlike Naruto whom loses control of himself to the Kyuubi when he uses too much of the beast's chakra. He can also partially transform into the Hachibi such as attacking his opponent with only Hachibi's tentacles. He has also shown the ability to produce ink from his mouth. Hachibi has the added benefit of giving Killer Bee advice and can break Killer Bee out of illusions. He is one of few people who has full control over their tailed beast. Bee can fully transform into Hachibi in mere seconds, and maintain the transformation indefinitely. Due to Bee's great control over Hachibi, the two share a "partner ship" . While transformed, Bee gains incredible strength, speed, and durability. Bee is able to use the Tailed Beast Ball as well as survive a direct hit from a Tailed Beast Ball. He can also fend off multiple enemies, and regenerate lost tentacles which can be used for various purposes.


Killer Bee's Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords

Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords:

Killer Bee possess seven Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords, which get their name due to the fact Bee is able to channel his lightning-natured chakra through them, these swords are most commonly used in his sword play. The characteristics and shape of each sword make them great for cutting, using either edge, and being thrown with great accuracy.

Samehada aka Shark's Skin


Killer Bee is the new owner of Samehada (Shark's Skin), a sword that is capable of conscious thought. Bee uses Samehada as his main sword and in his sword play (unique style of Kenjutsu). Bee gets the same abilities that Kisame got from Samehada except for the shark form. The sword is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, and at its base is a small skull. Samehada's hilt is able to stretch and bend to great extents, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail.

Samehada is a living sword that can eat/absorb unlimited amounts of any type of chakra, either from wounding the opponent or by intercepting jutsus, and can transfer the chakra it has absorbed to Killer Bee by partially fusing with him.

The sword inflicts injuries through shredding what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting. The more chakra it absorbs the larger it becomes, this results in its scales becoming so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and mouth. Samehada can literally slice through an opponent's techniques, (in spite of whether the chakra has been transformed or not) and even prevent them from being performed by absorbing all of the necessary chakra before preparations can be completed.

The sword is able to sense chakra, acting as a quasi-sensor. The chakra Samehada absorbs can be used to either regenerate Bee's injuries or replenish his chakra reserves.

Samehada can also act on it's own and will stop others from wielding it, but is also completely loyal to Killer Bee. While under raps, Samehada is prevented from growing (to a certain extent).

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