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The automated factory world, Gyrich, is owned by Legion benefactor R.J. Brande's chief business rival, Leland McCauley. Since McCauley terminated the last human overseer, there have been no living beings inhabiting Gyrich. The world factory is run entirely by computers.

Gyrich was briefly a quarantine world, during a period when it's defense computers had seemingly malfunctioned. Five members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were sent to Gyrich to repair it's systems. In the course of their investigation, the Legionnaires discovered that the last man to oversee the planetary manufacturing complex had returned to Gyrich. A disgruntled employee of Leland McCauley's, he had usurped the computer's control over Gyrich's automated systems. His intention was to rule Gyrich, placing it's machines under his command, effectively stealing the world from his former employer, McCauley. This scheme was thwarted by the Legionnaires, & Gyrich's operating systems were reset to the previous standard.

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