What are your thoughts on the former Kanto fighting gym leader?

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It seems like there is little information that can be open to imagination. So I am asking what are your thoughts on splinter city gym leader Chuck aka Kiyo aka Koichi

The only information I got on him is that he was defeated by Sabrina in the games. Along with that he lives in a cave, which makes me think he is living in hard times. In the animated series he wasn’t a gym leader and he was trying to get his pokemon ready for the P1 championship. A contest that Ash’s Primeape won. In pokemon adventures his Pokémon Hitmochan and Hitmolee are were Red’s sparring partners.

I would like what is the name you prefer. Did i talk about two character by accident when I talked about the time skip in the games?

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Kiyo/Koichi in the games and in the show don't have similar stories.

Chuck is the fighting Gym Leader in Johto, he and Kiyo/Koichi are two different people. Kiyo's name was miswritten when FR/LG came out. Kiyo trains in a cave, not neccesarily lives in one

Kiyo/Koichi isn't in Pokemon Adventures. He's in that lame PockettoMonsters manga where Red has a not-bro Clefairy and Pikachu is its cousin. Two different characters, and four different versions of one

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@KnightRise: I could have been mistaken on the Chuck name. By your statement you said Kiyo and Koichi are two different characters. I have to compare who did what. It seems that bulbapedia stated that Kiyo appeared in Pokemon Adventures. He was in the chapter called Mysterious Underground Amusement Park. They even have an image of him.

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No, Kiyo and Koichi refer to the same character. In FR/LG they misnamed Kiyo as Koichi, but all they did was change his name from R/B to FR/LG. When I said different characters I was refering to Chuck and Kiyo/Koichi. Are you sure Kiyo was in Adventures?

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@KnightRise: as I said before I found in bulbabedia here is the link. He has one heck look differance when comparing the animated series and Pokemon Adventures. As this had not much development in either being another one hit wonder in both series.

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Thats the Pocket Monsters manga not Pokemon Adventures. Those are different canons, too lol

I didn't think anyone else really knew about Pockemon Adventures. Its one of the few manga that I don't see online.

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@KnightRise: My mistake, but just to ask what do you think of this guy and what name would prefer he be called? I did made a few thread and blogs dealing with pokemon adventures, or to be more precise the characters. you already know about Ash and Red blog but here are other links


one more note to add it is best not to give links of it here it is against the rules.

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