Guy Gardner comes to Green Lantern the animated series.

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When Cartoon Network's Green Lantern: The Animated Series returns in September, Hal Jordan is finally back on Earth, having vanquished the rage-feuled Red Lantern Corps. But producer Jim Krieg cautions the audience "not to get too comfortable with the happiness Hal is feeling in his heart, because we're just gonna mess up his life again." That begins as soon as Hal gets home and finds he's been replaced as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 by Guy Gardner, a character well-known to comic-book fans as a tactless and hotheaded bruiser. "He's like Hal Jordan cranked to Level 10," says producer Giancarlo Volpe. "He's that much cockier, more brash and a womanizer."

Voicing the role is Diedrich Bader, star of the late, great Batman: The Brave and the Bold, who gives the character a comedic touch. "Somehow he did this thing where he made lines funny that weren't even supposed to be funny," Volpe says.

A rival ring-bearer will be the least of Hal's problems as the season progresses. He'll face a threat from the Anti-Monitor, a legendary DC Comics villain. To face this colossal enemy, Hal will need to reunite with teammates Kilowog, Aya and Razer — who aren't going to be immediately available or interested. Jokes Krieg, "Essentially it's the plot of The Blues Brothers — but there's less music."

Guy Gardner
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the haircut is wrong, guy's haircut is crap, this one is ... cool?

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@clemj: :confused: I don't see a difference in the hair cut. LOL.

Green Lantern Corps #08
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Diedrich Bader as Guy! Perfect! Hearing this gives me a reason to watch season 2.

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@longbowhunter: Yeah I miss him as Batman in BATB. He just cracks me up everytime he opens his mouth.

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Hmmm not sure if want. I would much rather see Kyle Rayner to be honest.

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@FrankenKong: Writers said that they would not be including Kyle. Only Guy and John. IIRC

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Oh lawdy. I don't know whether to be pissed off or mad....

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I was gonna post this.

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This is great!!! I never really cared for Hal that much, his personality just always seemed so bland to me, same with John Stewart. Guy and Kyle are two of my favorite Corps members and I like them both equally because they actually have easily definable personalities. Guy is gonna rock so hard!!!

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Freakin' amazing. I love me some Guy Gardner, and Diedrich Bader is perfect for the character.

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Interesting news. I enjoyed the first season and Bader is an excellent voice actor.

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I hate that show.

And John Stewart>Hal Jordan.

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