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The Golden Boy Guy Gardner is out on the town top hat and all, celebrating his new successful career with the Gardners of the Universe. The Palindrordnilaps have given Guy a lot of money to be the leader of an interstellar security business. As he celebrates his success he gets hit in the back of his head by a bullet. Luckily for Guy he had his power ring protecting him. Guy's new ring he took from Sinestro protected him from the gold jacketed bullet. As it turned out a henchmen of Goldface sent him to kill Guy. As Guy is about to trounce the henchman, Ice shows up and and saves the henchman from getting spattered. It turns out Ice has been keeping an eye on Guy and showed because she's worried about him, and wanted to talk.

All Guy has to say is too little too late. He also decides he is going to do the one thing Hal Jordan has never done and thats get Goldface. This is much better than his original plan of just beating Hal Jordan up. With this decision Guy travels to see Kari Limbo and have her tell him were to find Goldface.

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